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Vincent is an NPC in Arknights. He is a supporting character in A Walk in the Dust.


Count Vincent is a close friend of Mr. Thomson. He is also a Count of the border county of Toron, Victoria. Ever since the hanging of the previous Aslan king, Vincent has been governing Toron for years and maintaining the county's peace. He also managed to go to Londinium under invitations where he could learn about the capital's current situation.

Vincent's acquaintance with Kal'tsit is a coincidence. While Kal'tsit was a Lateran cleric, she went to his manor in order to treat his wife's fever. Not only her illness was completely healed, but also the Count was amazed by Kal'tsit's infinite knowledge.[1]


A Walk in the Dust

During a cold, snowy night in Terran Year 1084, Vincent held a banquet for other nobles. Not only did he invited Kal'tsit to join the party, but also he noticed young Heidi who secretly slipped into his manor. Vincent indeed allowed Heidi to take part in the party, but at the same time, he gave her some rules such as forbidding her to drink alcohol and going to bed early. Still, this did not interrupt the Count's party.[2]

However, when he saw the injured Kal'tsit after her battle with the Emperor's Blade, he was upset that such a tragedy occurred under his watch. He then immediately dispatched his men to search for the ones responsible for her injuries. While the two were alone, Vincent asked her to promise to keep Mr. Thomson safe from the noble's conflict. Even though he knew that he was a powerless noble in the border of Victoria, he wanted his people and family to live a peaceful life.[3]