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So I want to ask all of you. Columbia has only be around for a handful of decades, but our history is already as rich as any other nation's. What is it that we have used to achieve this? It's our thirst for knowledge that drives us to explore the boundaries and depths of science. It's the pioneering spirit that flows in the veins of every single Columbian. That's my answer. That's our answer.
—-Fragment of Jackson's speech during his visit to Trimounts

Conrad Jackson is an NPC in Arknights. He is a supporting character in Lone Trail.


As the current Vice President of the Columbian Union, Conrad Jackson is the second-in-charge authority of the Federal Government, only surpassed by Mark Max himself, whom he carries his will biblically. Born as a military brat and earning his reputation as an orator and activist in college before his career in politics,[1] Jackson is really popular amongst Columbians thanks to his transparency and actions in the past several years, with the poll results of the Vice Presidential Elections being a proof of his support. He holds a particular dislike towards the city of Trimounts due to its emphasis on technological and scientific development, as he thinks that it doesn't represent or do justice to Columbia's "pioneer spirit".[2] At the same time, Jackson has connections with various generals of the C.U.D.O.D., which is said to have helped him win the latest elections.[3]

On a more lighthearted side, Jackson is a huge fan of former Wrankwood actress Marianne Blake, and even has an autographed poster from her debut movie that his wife gifted him after he got elected.[4]


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