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Islam Witte is an NPC in Arknights. He is firstly mentioned in Episodes 05 and 07 before appearing as a minor supporting character in Episode 08. He also appears in A Walk in the Dust.


Witte is an Ursine viscount who acts as the Minister of Finance, the Speaker of the Ursus State Council, and an advisor to the current Emperor of Ursus, Fyodor Vladimirovich. He maintains a close relationship with Wei Yenwu, the Chief Executive of Lungmen, regarding the Ursus-Yan "diplomatic cable".

Unlike the majority of the Ursus nobles, who are dominated by ultranationalists and warmongers, Witte is a more moderate, if not outright progressive reformist, who advocates for change to Ursus' rigid, stagnating political climate for the better.


A Walk in the Dust

In Terran Year 1080, Islam Witte had just risen to his position as the Minister of Finance. He visited the Pine Valley Retreat where Grand Duke Vanya was living out his last days to see an old friend of his. His presence forced Kal'tsit and Lillia to accelerate their plans to assassinate the Grand Duke.[1]

While having a chat with his friend, Witte expressed worries about Ursus' current situation. He felt that both the constant warring and the internal struggles would further lead the nation to ruin. During the convention, Witte's friend requested him to bring a paring knife so that he could peel his own fruit. Witte was horrified when he instead used it to cut off one of his own fingers. Witte urgently requested medical help, despite his friend telling him not to panic: his spirit as a soldier had never waned. He felt that he had been fighting for the glory of Ursus throughout his entire life.

Before his departure, Witte told Lillia to bring a message to his friend: he thanked him for inspiring him to ignite the flame towards modernization of the country.[2]

Episode 05

Witte was mentioned by Wei Yenwu in the aftermath of the attack on Lungmen. Wei attempted to contact him to confirm whether or not Ursus was involved in the attack.[3]

Episode 07

Wei's Messenger sent an audio message to Witte, mentioning, however, that he could not get in touch with Witte due to covert forces trying getting in his way. Nevertheless, Witte's Messenger managed to escape from the capital of Deity Grypherburg and met Wei's Messenger. However, while returning to Lungmen, he met assassins sent by Ursus' "old guard" that tried to silence him for knowing their involvement in the attempted Chernobog-Lungmen collision. He was unsure whether or not he could safely reach Lungmen.[4]

Episode 08

After the end of the Chernobog-Lungmen incident, Witte presented the report to Emperor Fyodor. He tried to calm the emperor by reassuring him that the nobles of Ursus were still loyal to him. However, the infuriated Emperor was further incensed by his sugarcoating, and ordered him to list out the masterminds behind the incident. Reluctantly, he revealed that they had committed suicide before they could be apprehended. To the Emperor's eyes, these people were cowardly traitors.

During this conversation, Witte mentioned the existence of the Ageless amidst the country. Until the nation could find ways to slay them, Ursus would never be as great as it was. In the end, he reaffirmed that Ursus would never go back to its old path and expressed hopes that Talulah could save the nation, claiming only she would be able to.[5]