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Skullshatterer is an NPC in Arknights. He is the antagonist of the second half of the Hour of an Awakening story arc.


Skullshatterer, real name Alex, is the son of Sergei, an Ursus scientist and an accomplice of Kal'tsit and Ilia (Crownslayer's father), and the younger twin brother of Misha. At some point during his childhood, Alex and Misha were held hostage by the Ursus government to force Sergei to reveal Ilia's involvement in the research of the Sarcophagus in Chernobog.[1] After the incident, Sergei disappeared and their mother was the only one who could take care of both Alex and Misha.

However, Alex's family eventually contracted Oripathy. Although the mother tried to keep it as a secret from others, the Infected Patrols discovered it during an anti-Infected pogrom and Alex witnessed his mother getting dragged off and murdered by them when she tried to protect the children.[2] This event would traumatize Alex and fuel his hatred towards those who discriminate and oppresse the Infected, no matter who they are.

Since his separation with his sister, Alex joined Reunion where he saw it as the only one capable of delivering a just retribution for the Infected. Under the title "Skullshatterer," he led a Reunion cell named "Assault Squad" in various operations inside and around Lungmen. He was noted to be fanatically devoted to Reunion's ideals, more than the others. He wields a pair of grenade launchers that can fire armor-rupturing, high-explosive Originium grenades and a pair of blades in each arm which he uses in close combat.

Prior to the main plot of the story, Skullshatterer aided Crownslayer in tracking down his father Sergei in order to assassinate him,[1] but whether Skullshatterer willingly allowed her to kill his own father remains unknown.


Episode 02

Skullshatterer encountered Misha during his search in Lungmen

Under Talulah's orders, Skullshatterer led his Assault Squad in search of Misha in Lungmen, where she took refuge after the uprising in Chernobog. The mission was to recover one of the keys to Chernobog's control systems. While scouring the slums of Lungmen, Skullshatterer encountered Misha in an abandoned building. However, Misha herself did not recognize him.[3] The reunion abruptly ended when she escaped alongside Rhodes Island, but the brief meeting made Skullshatterer relieved to see his sister once again after a long time.[4]

Skullshatterer confronted the R.I. squad after they handed over Misha to the Lungmen Guard Department.[5] He pursued them when they fled towards the upper levels of the building[6] but was cornered by them at the rooftops. Skullshatterer dismissed Amiya, R.I.'s leader, for "having the blood of many Infected in her hands." In return, Amiya responded that it was the Reunion that started everything.[7] Nevertheless, a fierce battle between R.I. and Skullshatterer was unavoidable. But amidst the fight, he was informed that W had captured Misha from the L.G.D., prompting him and his forces to withdraw.[8]

Episode 03

After escaping from the pursuing forces, Skullshatterer finally met Misha face-to-face in the wilderness along the Yan-Ursus border. She realized that he was none other than her missing brother Alex. However, Skullshatterer claimed that "Alex" was already dead and explained the circumstances of him joining Reunion. When Misha confronted Skullshatterer over the fall of Chernobog, he vehemently claimed that Chernobog deserved its fate and chastised R.I. for helping Lungmen which treated the Infected harshly. Even then, he calmed himself down and vowed to protect Misha.[2] He also instructed Misha in using his Originium grenade launchers.[9]

Skullshatterer tried to ambush the Doctor...

However, their reunion was simply too short. His Assault Squad soldiers informed him that R.I. and the L.G.D. were coming after them. Without hesitation, he ordered them to prepare for a counterattack. Misha tried to convince him again that R.I. will save them, but he lashed out in anger. After calming down, he sent Misha away under his soldiers' protection and promised that he would come back alive and go home together.[9]

...only to be struck by Amiya head-on

Under W's advice, Skullshatterer launched an ambush attack in order to kill the Doctor. He used his Originium grenade launchers to strike from below, but Hoshiguma protected the Doctor with her shield Hannya. When the R.I.-L.G.D. forces became disorganized by his Arts, he got the opportunity to come close the Doctor. But just as he was about to land the killing blow, Amiya, who wanted to protect the Doctor, unleashed her Sarkaz King power onto Skullshatterer without any intention. A black blade pierced through his body, giving him a fatal blow. Before his last breath, Skullshatterer cursed Amiya for watching the Infected suffer and swore that he would never forgive her.[10]


Misha has resurrected "Skullshatterer"

The Assault Squad, assisted by W, managed to recover Skullshatterer's body.[11] Despite the soldiers' efforts to keep Misha from knowing his death, she learnt it regardless and took her time with her brother for the last moment. Wanting to stir the spirits of the soldiers, she vowed to "bring Skullshatterer back to life" and protect his comrades by becoming the second "Skullshatterer" through his robe and his Originium grenade launchers.[12]

Misha reappearance as "Skullshatterer" indeed overwhelmed the Assault Squad.[13] But to Amiya, she lamented in disbelief and denial for her failure. On the other hand, Ch'en realized that there was no way to persuade her. Together with her L.G.D. force, she lauched an all assult towards "Skullshatter" and her soldiers.[14] The cost for this battle was Misha's life and the annihilation of the Assault Squad.

The fallen "Skullshatterer" (Misha) with Amiya and Ch'en looking at her corpse

In the end, "Skullshatterer" death caused Amiya to doubt whether R.I. was doing the right thing. Trying to comfort her, Ch'en told her that if the Reunion was willing to cooperate with her, there won't be any bloodshed. Every decision made will eventually lead to its consequence—that's the lesson she learnt.[15]