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Reunion Member

Before operation

Time waits for no man; the only thing that can be done now is to continue to act.
After detecting Reunion's location, Rhodes Island and the L.G.D. split up to launch separate operations.
<Background 1>
Amiya ...
Ch'en It's dangerous to lose focus on the battlefield.
Amiya I'm sorry...
I just... am having trouble understanding...
Ch'en Reunion has bunkered down inside an abandoned mine.
That woman, W, also fled inside.
I can give you some space if you need time alone.
However, the L.G.D. has no time to waste.
Hoshiguma, gather the others.
Amiya (Misha...)
Madam Ch'en––
I have one concern.
Ch'en Concern?
Amiya W is a master of explosives.
It's highly likely that she has deployed traps on the battlefield.
I'm worried that... we'd sustain heavy casualties from a direct confrontation.
My suggestion is for Rhodes Island to sneak into the mine while your forces set up an encirclement.
We'll flush out the Reunion forces, and you can arrest them immediately...
And those who refuse to surrender, we'll handle our way.
Ch'en How confident do you feel about facing that woman?
Amiya I'm not sure...
...But we can bear that risk.
We've fought her more than once before. At least we have some understanding of her fighting style.
There are some risks... that the L.G.D. can't afford to shoulder.
Ch'en We can't afford to lose sight of the mission objective either.
Amiya ...
Ch'en PC94172, take our forces and surround the mines!
Hoshiguma, pick out a few troops to take with you.
We'll each take a squad and move in with Rhodes Island.
Hoshiguma, you and Rhodes Island will split off and pincer them. Destroy their base of operations, and rout their defenses.
I'll take care of the firebases.
For Lungmen's sake, we have to...
...bring Misha back.
Amiya ...Understood.
I'll gather our operators.
Hoshiguma Ch'en, there's a small group of Reunion forces heading out along the edge of the mines.
They're moving pretty quickly, too.
I'll head out first, otherwise we might lose them.
Ch'en Hurry. Don't let them get away.
Amiya Ah, Madam Hoshiguma, please wait a moment.
When they ambushed us earlier, they were hiding some casters among their forces.
I'd recommend taking two of our operators, Franka and Liskarm, with your squad.
They have a lot of experience fighting casters.
Hoshiguma No problem.
Franka All right, let's do this, shall we?
Liskarm What about you, Amiya?
Dr Kal'tsit told us to...
Amiya Penguin Logistics is backing me up, so I'll be fine.
Hoshiguma Sounds like a plan.
Ch'en I can't stress this enough, but don't be too stubborn. Back off if the situation gets too rough.
Amiya I know.
We don't have much time left.
This isn't like Chernobog... This time, it's our turn to stop Reunion!

During operation

PRTS Multiple Detectors have been found on this battlefield.
Once charged, Detectors can reveal nearby invisible units. You should make good use of them.

After operation

Skullshatterer lies there dying and Mephisto, the one capable of healing him, is nowhere to be seen.
W quips that the troops have lost all will to fight and asks Misha to follow her to safety. However, Misha disagrees.
<Background 1>
Reunion Member No...
Impossible! Impossible...!
H-how could this be?! Skullshatterer, Skullshatterer!
W-we can't let Misha see this...
Who here knows first aid? Get them over here now!
Damn it, why did Mephisto refuse to come? What is he doing?!
He kept talking about some "other plan"... What the hell is with that?!
If he was here, we would've been able to save so many people!
W We can't count on that guy anyway. He doesn't care about his comrades anyway.
Reunion Member ...
W Don't blame yourself for things you can't control.
Reunion Member Thanks for covering us, W...
At least, we were able to bring him back.
W If you want to thank me, do it through your actions.
Reunion Member Of course. We'll cover your escape... However, I have one request––
Please promise to take care of Misha.
W Of course. After all...
Misha I am still of use to you, right?
Reunion Member We...
Misha Please let me spend some time with Skullshatterer alone.
I will... take care of him.
Reunion Member But...
... ...
W, it's a promise. One that you must keep.
W I know, I know~
Misha I just said––
Let me spend some time with him alone.
W But you should get going.
Misha ...
W Lungmen and Rhodes Island will come barging in here any moment now.
I guess the people here are going to die too.
My, oh my, what a dilemma we have.
Misha, so many more people are going to die because of you...
What a pity.
Misha You're really getting on my nerves, W.
You won't get anything from me.
W Wooahh, scary~
You know, that bunny girl seems to really care about you~
But, that Ch'en lady seems different.
She won't show mercy to anyone.
Maybe she'll decide to spare your life, because she needs you...
But you've seen enough in Ursus to know what will happen after that, right?
Misha ...
W If you come with me now, it's still not too late.
Although... you'd still have to watch all our Reunion friends sacrifice themselves...
I suppose that's just their fate though.
Such pitiful things.
Misha ...
W Ah, that's right.
Even though you saw everything that happened...
Y'know, ahh, how do I put this... I really don't have the spare energy to drag Skullshatterer back to Chernobog...
Misha Shut up!
W I'm just telling the truth.
I mean, the situation here is hopeless after all~
Hurry and let me know once you've cleared your head, okay?
<Background black>
Misha No...
I swear I'll...
Bring Skullshatterer back to life.
Skullshatterer isn't dead... Skullshatterer cannot die.
If he was here, he'd protect us... all of us.
I just know... this is what he would've done.
Everyone is just like me. We're all Infected.
I am also... one of them.
We have nowhere to go...
Everyone... needs to be protected.
Misha This...
...is Skullshatterer's legacy.