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A mysterious logistics company that specializes in intelligence trading, armed escort and covert transportation.
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Penguin Logistics (P.L.) is a Terran organization primarily based in Lungmen. It is a global logistics and delivery service company run by the famous rapper Emperor. The company is small in size, but is frequently involved in altercations with gangsters and even the Siracusan mafiosi, leading to questions surrounding its legality.


Most of the time, Penguin Logistics is known as a delivery company made up of Messengers who will deliver the package to its destination "no matter what it takes." However, P.L. also allegedly provides many other services, from armed deliveries to escort missions. P.L. owns many commercial venues (one of which includes a bar named "The Ends of the Earth") and has safehouses scattered around Lungmen.

P.L. has a poor reputation in Lungmen for its tendency of getting into "gang wars" with criminal organizations, including the Rat King and the Siracusan mafiosi, as well as causing massive amounts of property damage all around the nomadic city. However, they are able to avoid legal action due to Emperor's connections to Wei Yenwu and the Lungmen Guard Department, who look the other way.

P.L. members are guided by a simple principle: go with the flow. As such, they never put much thought into what they will do next, instead focusing on the present moment. This is also the reason for their misgivings. Even then, Bison remarks out that it is incredible to see P.L. still functioning, to the point that has a friendly rivalry with its Lungmen-based competitor, MountainDash Logistics.[1]

P.L. has become active in Siracusa following the Volsinii incident, as Sora needs to travel there for her performances. P.L.'s first overseas branch was opened in Nuova Volsinii without the interference of the famiglie. Even Leontuzzo, the city's new mayor and former heir of the Bellones, does not care much about the matter in order to respect Cellinia's decision. In the meantime, P.L. has invited MDL to open a new branch there as well, as this would establish a trade route between Lungmen and Siracusa.[2]

Notable members

Mostima is a "sanctioned" Lateran and P.L.'s Messenger.