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The Tianshi (lit. "Celestial Master(s)") are a group of the namesake in the world of Arknights, first mentioned in various stories such as Invitation to Wine and Where Vernal Winds Will Never Blow, and later playing a major role in Here a People Sows. They are government-authorized Casters specialized in various areas of work.


Simply put, the Tianshi are a band of Yanese imperial Casters who, like any caster across Terra, harness Originium Arts for greater goods. Anyone could become a Tianshi as long as they qualify series of imperial examinations.[1] The Tianshi have multiple functions: Some serve as imperial guards defending the borders or maintaining civil order, while others works under civil services like, for example, the Tumu Tianshi (Hanzi: 土木天师) who focus on civil engineering and the Nongye Tianshi (Hanzi: 农业天师) who work on agrarian activities. All Tianshi are under the supervision of the Tianshi Bureau, but in recent years, political tension appears between the Tianshi as they are forced to choose their side regarding the Feranmut matter despite their neutrality.[2]

The Tianshi combine both Originium Arts and technologies to full capacity. They can use specified devices like drones called the Tianzhuang (Hanzi: 天桩; lit. "Celestial Pillars") that monitor the areas by forming net-like structures, the Tianshi Ruler to accurately pinpoint the location, and the Tianshi Detector, cube-like structure resembling a burr puzzle that is made of multiple tiny Originium detectors.[3] Their military devices are magnificent like the "Tower in the Palm," giant buildings that could magically minimize its size for easy carry.[4]


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