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Located at the north of Terra, a "country" with a special system composed of many tribes, and a model of co-existence between man and nature that is one-of-a-kind on Terra.
—Loading screen tip in Expeditioner's Joklumarkar

Sami (ᛊᚨᛗᛁ) is a Terran country located in the furthest north bordering Kazimierz and Ursus. It is a primitive, loosely-banded chiefdom thriving in the frigid tundra that has been retaining its ancient ways of life for millennia while the rest of the world is increasingly modernizing. Each Samifjod hails from certain tribes that is dictated by their tribal chiefs, most of them being their leading shamans, especially the Snowpriests.

The primitive lifestyle of the Samifjod leads to their renowned mystic animism. To the Samifjod, shamans and medicine men play a huge role in their culture in which many crucial decisions are made by them. Most Samifjod practice the worship of sacred trees where their villages are built around, and shamans could read prophecies through tree barks. Whenever migration is made, they have to perform rituals to the tree so that it too will "migrate" together with the tribe. Other notable beliefs include the "Samivilinn", a spiritual manifestation of the nation, and the blessings of "Amma", a prominent goddess of their religion.

The Sami language is similar to Old Norse and its closest surviving relative, Icelandic, as well as other Arctic languages such as Lule Sámi, but have distinct grammars and accents yet mutually intelligible enough with each other, and written in runic letters.[note 1]

Sami is predominated by the Elafian race, but there are minor tribes dotted the region that belong to some rare, endangered races such as Cyclopes and Elves. Samifjod refer to people outside Sami as "Southerners" because most of the people outside of the region came from the southern part of Terra.


The land of Sami is filled with mysteries. As it borders the Infy Icifield where the Collapsals, or Andskotarnir in their language, dwell, they have been keeping them at bay by generations of the Snowpriests. The Samifjod live alongside the ancient Feranmuts of Terra who have concealed their true identities.[1] The Samifjod are able to coexists with nature, but they too can harness its wrath to repeal invaders.

The Samifjods retain many primitive cultures, one of which includes shamanistic funerals.

Despite this, Sami's primitive lifestyle has often been a subject of mockery to foreigners. The Ursi especially see them as bloodthirsty barbarians who obscure them from "civilizing" the country while quietly invading their homeland. As a consequence, border conflicts often ensue between the two nations which often result in heavy casualties. Nevertheless, they sometime put aside their conflicts and cooperate together to fend off the "Andskotarnir" from encroaching the Terran civilizations.

Due to its enormous role as a guardian of civilization, Sami had been imposing strict isolationism for centuries. This lasted until the establishment of diplomacy with Columbia in modern era. Since then, Columbian trade caravans and science expeditions have been slowing establishing foothold in Sami even though it also has an intentional mission to expand its political influence there. Through them, the Samifjod are introduced to modern technology for the first time. However, such cultural and technological exchanges is limited to modernized settlements in the swampy south, while most Samifjod prefer to keep their distance from outsiders. While the Sami route is a preferred option by foreigners to travel to the Infy Icefield due to political conflicts against Ursus, any venture into the northern heartland where Sami's true secrets lie is strongly restricted.[2] Nevertheless, many Columbian explorers still risk their lives to embark on the Sami route so that they can educate the public of these primitive cultures.

Two years ago, in the year 1095, a notable Snowpriest prophesied that an Apocalypse is about to bring an end to the current Terran civilizations. However, his warning only received intense mockeries and many superpowers such as Victoria and Columbia are turning a deaf ear to him.[3] Back in the homeland, more and more Sami tribes are forced to migrate southward abnormally due to blizzards of the Andskotarnir that slowly corrode fertile lands, posing a potential refugee crisis to the nation.



Notable people

  • Amma
  • Maertha
  • "Sami" the Feranmut
  • "Frost Skull Knight": A former Sami Competitive knight and second runner up of the Kazimierz Major. It's said that he always took advantage of the devices used to lower the temperatures of the arena.[4] He was later hired as an instructor for the Warwhip Knightclub during the 24th season of the Major[5]



  • Čappat: The southernmost city of Sami built as the open port for Columbians, acting as a research post and a tourist site.


  • Fjal Vetrtonn: The tallest mountain range in northern Sami that marks the border of the Northland. Legend says that the mountains are "alive," likely implying Sami's Feranmuts.[6] It's also inhabited by the local Cyclops communities living in seclusion, on which Valarqvin comes from.[7]
  • Myrkwood: A forest lying in northern Sami that is inhabited by many isolated tribes.[2]


  1. The Sami runic letters are based on Elder Futhark, which the Arknights Terra Wiki uses as a stand-in for Sami letters.