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Catastrophes sweep the wasteland, Rusthammers smash the world!
—The Rusthammers' creed

Rusthammer is a Terran organization/movement. It comprises of many bands of wild scavengers wandering around the unclaimed wilderness between Terra's nations, notably the borders between Ursus, Kazimierz and Columbia.


Excerpt from "The Columbian Pioneer Handbook: 50 facts you should know about the Wilderness"[1]
Their purpose, date of establishment, number of members, founder, and scope of activities are unknown. We know very little about the mysterious organization called "Rusthammer". But there's one thing clear - They're extremely dangerous.

Although the origin of Rusthammer remains unclear, they are known to despise of modern civilizations. In the eyes of Rusthammer, civilizations are nothing more than cages and shackles, enslaving people and making them weak. Every resources on this land should be shared equally and the people have the right to choose their own fate instead of following the "hidden rules" of the modern world.[2] It is said that the Rusthammers never "battle;" they only "destroy" and seek to rid the world of all fetters of modern civilizations so that humanity may be free and strong again. They'll rob any supply they find, burn any flag or symbol representating countries or organizations, and won't stop attacking until they make sure the survivors are left with a lasting impression of fear in their hearts.

The name "Rusthammer" first became known to public in the spring of 1040, when a supply caravan transporting daily necessities rescued a group of injured frontier pioneers, all in poor physical and mental condition, while heading to western Columbia. Upon arriving to a nearby nomadic city a few days later, the pioneers immediately testified to the police department. According to them, about a hundred ragged individuals blocked the road the pioneers were driving through. At first they thought they were just desperadoes roaming the wastes, so they decided to give them money in order to settle the matter peacefully. However, the mysterious individuals would begin to attack them and destroy the suplies from their convoy. Only five pioneers survived, while the rest of the team was either killed or went missing amidst the incident. The attackers, emphasizing the Rusthammer name, spared the surviving members, with the sole condition of spreading their word. The police began investigating the case, but due to the lack of evidence, it was closed and officially categorized as theft and murder in the wilderness. Initially, the authorities assumed the so-called Rusthammers were just armed thugs hired by a pioneer team to sabotage their rivals, but they later started to pay close attention to them due to the alarming increase of crimes involving their name across the country.[1]

By 1042, a total of fifty cases involving Rusthammer were being reported. The victims ranged from pioneers to civil service convoys, organizations with official backgrounds (I.e. federal agencies), and even the Union Army. On top of that, individuals related to giant companies were also targeted by Rusthammer, while ordinary travellers were seemingly unaffected by their attacks. In recent years, Rusthammer went from savage wastelanders to a major threat to all countries, making travel across the barrens even more difficult. As a matter of fact, arround 252 Rusthammer-related were reported in 1092. Not only across Columbia, but also in Victoria and Kazimierz.[3]


Rusthammer treats its member as relative equal, referring to each other as brothers and sisters, regardless of age, gender, race, or Infection status. However, anyone who wants to join them must go through a trial in which they must prove themselves capable of surviving the harsh wilderness; only those who can sever themselves from the comfort of the modern world may become Rusthammer. The namesake rusted hammer is a symbol for the attributes necessary to any who dare to live in the wildlands: They need not be sharp, but they must be tenacious.[2]

Despite being loosely organized, Rusthammer's brutal tactics could easily rival any trained soldier using both terrible combat skills and psychological warfare. For example, they annihilated a band of Ursine soldiers who raided a village in Kazimierz long ago.[2] They often utilize ambush tactics, rushing into battle with wild ferocity, sometimes alongside ferocious giant beasts to strike terror into their prey.

Within Rusthammer are numerous smaller factions such as a band of Sarkaz known as the "Fiends Gang" and Catastrophe worshippers. In recent years, there is an increasing number of members joining the organization.[4] Currently, with the help of Cannot Goodenough as its middleman, Rusthammer is also having a partnership with remnants of the reorganized Reunion. They are the ones who provided the VTOL for the jailbreak of Talulah.[5]

Notable members

Cannot Goodenough icon.png
  • Gareth: A male Reunion soldier who survived the organization's downfall alongside Illa and travelled through the no man's land bordering Ursus and Kazimierz to join the Rusthammers. Both of them were eventually accepted into the Rusthammer's ranks after enduring a trial in which they were to survive in the wildlands for a month with whatever they could scavenge.[2] He would later become Illa's husband and begin to raise a family.[5]
  • Illa: A female Reunion caster who survived the organization's downfall alongside Gareth and travels through the no man's land bordering Ursus and Kazimierz to join the Rusthammers. Both of them were eventually accepted into the Rusthammer's ranks after enduring a trial in which they were to survive in the wildlands for a month with whatever they could scavenge.[2] She would later marry and have a child with Gareth.[5]


Rusthammer Warrior


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