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Rim Billiton, formally known as Rim Billiton Mining Alliance, is a country in the world of Arknights. It is a corporatocracy that actively exploits various Originium deposits around Terra and controls the territory south of Yan and Kazdel where the rich Targangils Prime Vein lies. The nation is administrated by the eponymous mega-corporation formed by an alliance of different mining companies, and the political system is a bottom-up one starting from the populace thanks to its heavy family-centered tradition. Due to the harsh environment and the frequent Catastrophes in the nation, Rim Billitonian nomadic cities, mobile platforms and large transport vehicles such as mining barges are built extremely sturdy.

Rim Billiton's Originium mining activities cause much of their populace, the predominant Cautus race, to suffer from Oripathy. While the company does not overtly persecute the Infected in the same manner as Ursus or Victoria, Rim Billiton sees their citizens merely as disposable workforce. The Infected are still discriminated upon to some extent, regarded as outcasts and facing difficulties in finding work and medical care.[1] In some places however, the Infected don't have to worry about loosing their jobs because they contracted Oripathy, but this doesn't guarantee comfortable life conditions.[2]

The Rim Billitonian language is similar to Australian English in our world, but has distinct grammars and accents even though both are mutually intelligible with each other.


The foundation of Rim Billiton originated from an international geological survey from the 1030s. The discovery of the three major Originium Prime Veins and the Targangils' rich deposits attracted various countries to start their mining operations. But due to its far distance, those companies were left to govern themselves which slowly nourished its nationalism based on its bottom-up family tradition. Two decades later, in the 1050s, various Autonomous Prefectures established a loose alliance that would eventually become the Rim Billiton consortium, but it would not be until the 1070s when it would officially declare as a independent political entity.[3]

Despite its autonomy, Rim Billiton has faced various conflicts with foreign nations. At some point, they went into conflict against Victoria during what was eventually termed the Cage Incident. The cunning Victorian merchants manipulated and colonized the inhabitants of nomadic cities in two counties, leading them to mine more Originium ore and selling it to their own country. Infuriated over their exploitation, the local miners rebelled against the foreigners by tearing down the fences that encircled them. The aftermath resulted in the foundation of the Eureka Autonomous Prefecture—a Victorian-controlled enclave—and the merchants conceding their power over the cities back to Rim Billiton. Even so, foreign companies still continually attempt to cheat following the treaty and the Billitoners' national laws.[4][5]

Due to Rim Billiton's family culture, dining together is an important way to reinforce relationships with each other, even underground

More recently, the nation has been experiencing a craze about planting carrots among its citizens. Such a trend is fueled by corporations and "experts" exaggerating carrots' nutritional values. If the situation remains uncontrolled, a steep inflation of carrot prices is all but certain, and the farmers would be unable to plant other crops as substitutes, likely leading to another crisis such as the Cage Incident.[5]

In Terran year 1084, Rim Billiton worked together with Babel, under Theresa's leadership to excavate the Rhodes Island landship, a Rim Billiton mining barge repurposed as Babel, and then, following from the fall of Babel, Rhodes Island Pharmaceuticals' headquarters. As part of its contract with Babel, the Billitoners also provided security protection and cargo escort to Kazdel for two years.[6][7]


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  • Eureka Autonomous Prefecture: Run by Victorian mining companies, it was founded in the aftermath of the Cage Incident in response to the demands made by foreign merchants. However, with the increasing dissatisfaction among the locals due to harsh treatment, there are high chances that Eureka will soon return under Rim Billiton's rule.[4][5]


  • Ultramassive: The capital of Rim Billiton.
  • Steel Robot: A city in Rim Billiton where April and Savage came from. It is known for being the annual top producer of ores among all cities.[1] A mining accident occurred a few years ago, which later prompted Savage to join Rhodes Island.[7]
  • Iron Fist: Ansel's hometown, which is famous for its mining industry[1][8]