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A coastal power that once rose to greatness using the boon of Ægir technology. Nearly destroyed by the Profound Silence, only the Inquisition remains to lead this shattered country.
—Loading screen tip in Mizuki & Caerula Arbor

Iberia, formally known as the Kingdom of Iberia (Reino de Iberia), is a Terran country. It is a theocratic kingdom located on a band of peninsulas and flooded islands found on the southern coastlines of the Terran continent, located close to Laterano and Victoria. Originally ruled by secular kings and princes who spread the teachings of the Lateran Church to their people, the country is currently under the control of a religious order, the Inquisition, which has implemented strict and isolationist policies.

Prior to its isolation from the outside world, however, Iberia was a prosperous maritime empire that acted as a pioneer to explore Terra's southernmost ocean. It almost became a superpower on land with its oceanic technologies and powerful naval fleet. However, following the Profound Silence, a mysterious natural disaster caused by the sea monsters, Iberia has since been locked in a sectarian conflict for decades, which caused the local Aegir populace to become the frequent targets of religious persecution.

The Iberian language resembles Spanish and Portuguese in our world. But somehow, both have distinct grammars and accents even though both are mutually intelligible enough with each other.

Iberia's population is predominantly Liberi, which can be seen from the wings on its national emblem. The local Aegir inhabitants there are referred to as "Islanders" by the locals.


Long ago, the wealthy Iberians cherished their gold across the sea...

For a long time, imperial Iberia was known for its grand navy, the shining lighthouses along the coastlines called the "Eyes of Iberia," and the enormous oceanic nomadic cities situated along the waves. This era was hence dubbed the "Golden Age of Iberia." It enjoyed a strong diplomatic relationship with the neighboring Aegir and even accepted Aegirian refugees. In return, the Islanders, most of whom were technicians and scientists, helped in advancing Iberia's technology significantly, especially under the leadership of the famed engineer Breogan.[1] While the country was heavily influenced by the Lateran religion, with the Iberians more faithful than a typical Lateran, it appeared to be more secular in the past.[2] Iberia's political might was so immense that it overshadowed many of the great powers of Terra. Some of the empire's feats include the discovery and colonization of Bolívar in 737,[3] the grand naval victory against Victoria that humiliated the Aslan dynasty, and the military threat it imposes on Leithanien.[4]

...Until the Profound Silence drowned their dreams into the abyss.

However, sixty years ago, in the year 1038, a mysterious natural disaster called the Profound Silence devastated the country. Started by a massive invasion of the Seaborn under the manipulation of the cultic Church of the Deep, the waves of Iberia's coastlines suddenly turned abnormally silent. Following this phenomenon, a giant tsunami devoured Iberia's coastal settlements, flooded its coastlines, and destroyed many of its lighthouses. To make matters worse, Iberia's communications to the outside world were suddenly cut off by the Seaborn, causing the Iberian naval fleet, including its proud golden dreadnought, the Stultifera Navis, to lose contact with its homeland. The disaster caused Iberia to become "the first sacrifice on the coast," abruptly ending its Golden Age.[5]

Now, the Iberian coastline is dead and spiritless, filled with corpses of a bygone era.

In the chaos following the Profound Silence, the king and nobility of Iberia largely lost control over the country, and the government collapsed. In their stead rose the Inquisition, a religious governmental body that maintain policies such as tight control over the citizenry, heavy restriction on seafaring, and religious persecution imposed on the local Aegir population, whom the Iberians saw as heretics and blamed for the disaster. In present day, Iberia is nothing more than a totalitarian theocracy; once glorious nomadic cities have been left stranded along Iberia's coastlines, and its advanced navy has been lost forever.[6] Though the Iberian government attempted to reclaim the sea and revitalize its power, it was eventually thwarted due increasing hatred against the Aegir and its own oppressive environment.

An Iberian gold doubloon. After the Profund Silence, not only the coin molds remained the same, but the potrait of the king was forcibly filled down. A reminder of his failure at protecting his people

Even as Iberians struggle to rebuild their homeland, further threats loom over them. Many Iberian settlements have been manipulated by the Sea Terrors, as the Church of the Deep managed to infiltrate the nation successfully, disguised themselves as clergy who twisted the interpretation of the Lateran religion, and managed to convert a sizable population of Iberia into their followers. All of this has caused the authorities and the public alike to become increasingly paranoid, worsening the ongoing persecution of the Aegir.



Notable people


  • Breogan
  • Francisco de León (698-759): A famous Iberian explorer who, in the Terran year 737, discovered the vast lands of Bolívar. He was assigned as the first governor of the newly-stablished viceroyalty.[7][8]
  • Fernando Alejandro I: Real name Fernando Alejandro Ruy de Castro Torres Ria Iberia de la Tlan, he was the last King of Iberia who witnessed the marvelous work of Breogan and even stored up his manuscripts. He eventually died during the Profound Silence, not without before issuing the Silenced Edict, a last message to the Iberian people.
  • Prince González: Fernando Alejandro I's son.
  • Indigo's teacher: A quiet, elderly Liberi who worked as Rocky Coast's Eye of Iberia lighthouse keeper, hoping it would shine bright again. Though reluctant at first, he accepted being her mentor, since he needed a succesor to entrust the lighthouse.[9][10]
  • Old José.png
    Old José: A Liberi information broker and an acquaintance of Skadi. He had a son named Juan who was killed in an unknown incident and whose corpse was brought back to him by Skadi. He is also responsible for helping Skadi infiltrate Sal Viento.[11]



  • Gran Faro
  • Sal Viento
  • Rocky Coast (Costa Rocosa): A small town where Indigo is from.[10] One of the Eye of Iberia lighthouses is located there, with its keeper being Indigo's teacher.[9]
  • Primavera: A city under the Church of the Deep's influence, and the place where Gladiia first met Kal'tsit.[12]
  • Rocamarea: A neglected coastal city that was later devastated by both famine and the Seaborn's invasion.[13]
  • Ria Iberia: The former capital of Iberia and a major seaport of Iberia. The old capital has since been sunken underwater after the Profound Silence.
  • Perdoni: The current capital of Iberia

Notable architectures/landmarks

  • Eye of Iberia
  • Stultifera Navis
  • Sanctilaminium Ambrosii: A monastery that was built as a joint project with Laterano. It went missing for over six decades.
  • Bastión de Cánticos: The headquarters of the Inquisition. Also known as the Bastion of Hallowed Saints.
  • Torre Baliza de Aegiria
  • Bahía de Juan


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