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Mama John's is a Terran organization. It is a megacorporation based in Columbia that spans in all kinds of fields, from daily grocery to protection equipment. Recently, it even includes pharmaceutical services to the pioneers in Columbia's frontier.

Mama John's is also the inventor of the "Personal Refuge" which can be found in its stores.[1] It is also the main sponsor for the 8th season of the Dossoles Warrior Championship through their valuable vouchers.[2]


Originally, Mama John's was a simple Columbian doughnut chain, eventually becoming "one of the most popular brands" of its type. As the trademark expanded, it became a common sight in any restaurant across the country, becoming part of the collective imaniginary of most Columbians. Their success didn't stop there though, as the company started to expand to other business areasd, providing a wide range of products to its customers in the last decade, including furniture. Mama John's stores and products could be found almost everywhere in Terra.[3]

Despite Mama John's interest in the pharmaceutical industry, most of the medicine they provide is in fact bought and resold from other corporations like Parasol, Tower Mountains, and Rhine Lab. The corporation contracts out uneducated pioneers in the Western frontiers and tricks them with the promise of free Oripathy suppressants in exchange for their labor. In reality, the medicine provided is merely painkillers and nutrient solutions that only hide the symptoms of Oripathy but do nothing to treat the disease. By doing so, Mama John's turned a significant profit at the expense of the common folks' lives. In spite of this, most of their workers are in complete ignorance of this fact and grateful towards the corporation even on their deathbeds.[4] The company also provides these fake medications to the local Infected communities in cities such as Tkaronto.[5]

Mama John's attempted to steal Rhodes Island's Oripathy suppressant formula by bribing the local police to raid their hotel. However, the plan was foiled when the Doctor tricked them by surrendering themselves to the police, claiming to have smuggled illegal goods into the country. By doing so, the ATAO was made to seize their "illegal merchandise" and destroy it, including the Oripathy suppressant formulas that Mama John's was preying after.[4]


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