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The Abyssal Hunters, sometimes simply known as the Abyssal, are an organization in Arknights whose mission is to keep the sea monsters in check and prevent their invasion of the land. Their eerie background makes them both mysterious and dangerous to the land-dwellers of Terra.


Becoming a monster is worse than being dead...

The Abyssal Hunters consist of Aegir-Seaborn hybrid "super soldiers" created by the Aegirians as a countermeasure against the Seaborn, hence its name that derives from the Seaborn's origin.[1] The process of creating Abyssal Hunters contains many different advanced procedures, and the candidates are chosen from among the whole Aegir population, regardless of their previous status or occupation.

Abyssal Hunters possess unusually high physical strength, endurance, and speed, far surpassing regular Terrans. Their physical and psychological engineering is necessary to withstand the Seaborn's might and horror. They exclusively use "primitive" melee weapons to emphasize their physical prowess as well as preventing their enemies from evolving countermeasures against their advanced technologies. Unfortunately, a hunter’s Seaborn blood can overtake their Aegir blood if left unchecked (as in the case of Skadi the Corrupting Heart), which can lead to their transformation into the monsters they despise. Symptoms of such transformation include lack of awareness for their surroundings, loss of consciousness, and Seaborn scales occupying their bodies.[1][2]

Aside from their unimaginable strength and stamina, all known Abyssal Hunters possess white hair and red eyes, likely a sign of a successful merge with the Seaborn. However, Andreana, another hunter, lacks the traits listed above. And as such, is treated as a failed product; it is hinted that she might have been created by the notorious Church of the Deep. Abyssal Hunters are also entirely incapable of using Originium Arts, unlike normal Aegir people, as a result of their hybridization with the Seaborn.

Years ago, Aegir unleashed its entire military force to destroy the Seaborn Leviathans, especially targeting Ishar-mla the Firstborn.[3] However, the price was unfathomable, as the Abyssal Hunters were almost completely annihilated.[1] Those who managed to survive came to shore and have since been hiding their identities on land. And since then, the Church of the Deep has been attempting to kidnap hunters to conduct its cruel experiments.


The watery grave of the Abyssal Hunters but Skadi, who met their demise as humans instead of Seaborn in an alternate timeline

  • Andreana is the only Abyssal Hunter who is not native to Aegir.
  • Specter (the Unchained) is the only Abyssal Hunter who is Infected.
  • Gladiia is the leader of the Abyssal Hunters' Second Company, while Ulpianus is the leader of the Third Company.


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