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Ishar'mla is an NPC in Arknights. He is mentioned in Under Tides and Stultifera Navis, and acts as the main antagonist of Mizuki & Caerula Arbor.


The sea dragon-like Leviathan named Ishar'mla, titled the "Corrupting Heart," is one of the four "Firstborn" of the Seaborn representing the power of "Migration." For millenia, He was sleeping deep within the "Mantle Ruins", an abandoned First Civilization underwater complex that Aegirians believe it was the birthplace of their civilization. It wouldn't be until 200 years ago when Maritimus, the famous anthropologist who was heading Aegir´s Fourth Mantle Ruins Expedition, made contact with Ishar'mla while exploring the ruins, awakening which led to him to be plagued by strange visions about the ancient civilization's downfall, and Ishar'mla devoring anything at His pass. He would later become a Seaborn after eating one of Ishar'mla's cubs not long after.[1]

Ishar'mla was thought to be slain by the Abyssal Hunters during the great assault against the Leviathans as they were hiding within the ancient ruins of the abyss. However, it turns out that Ishar'mla's blood has merged with Skadi after the devastating battle and remained dormant for years.[2] Due to its divine nature and His aggressiveness, the Sea Terrors tremble before Ishar'mla and the higher Seaborn refer to Him as their close kin.

If Skadi embraces her Seaborn blood, Ishar'mla's rage will be finally unleashed along with the provokation of the plankton-like Firstborn, the "Primordial Lifespring," hence bringing the so-called the "second" Profound Silence across the entire Terra. He will not only flood the whole world, but also kill every being upon the land. Even the mightiest powers in Terra such as Ursus' Emperor's Blades, Kazimierz's Knight Orders, Yan's greatest Tianshi, and Columbia's latest technologies could not withstand His devouring waves and the multiplying swarms of Sea Terrors. Other ancient beings like the Feranmuts, the Beast Lords, and even Kal'tsit alone will find it hard to calm Ishar'mla down.[3] On the other hand, the feelings of comfort and safety the Doctor gave to Skadi were passed on to Ishar'mla who in turn spares them from the disaster, and He will keep yearning for them to join the Seaborn's hive mind until the day they eventually surrendered themselves to Him. When everything has settled, the fully reborn Ishar'mla will then lead His kin away from Terra and soar towards the outer space in search for a new habitat.[4]

Unlike Ishar'mla, Mizuki's peaceful nature brings an alternative for the Seaborn's coexistence with the Terrans, making them competing contestants vying for becoming the new Seaborn "god."