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Jesselton Williams is an NPC in Arknights. He is the antagonist of Mansfield Break and the protagonist of True Story, part of To Be Continued.


Jesselton is a hitman working for Beachbrella, who once applied for a job in Rhine Lab's Defense Department but was turned down by its chief Saria despite having a similar Arts aptitude to her, citing his short-sighted attitude and lack of perseverance.[1]

Jesselton does not wield conventional weapons, but rather uses his Originium Arts that allow him to manipulate iron. To accentuate his power, he is implanted with an R.L. experimental combat augmentation system that takes the form of countless small iron plates beneath his skin which, combined with his ferromagnetic Arts, allow Jesselton to perform feats such as hardening parts of his skin to block strikes, firing shards of iron at enemies, and even manipulating his body, most notably forming lethal iron blades around his arms to attack enemies. Because of his competence and willingness to perform nearly any task provided he gets paid appropriately, Jesselton is considered to be one of Beachbrella's top hitmen, as well as one of the company´s most precious assets. He even was renowned as "Employee of the year" for five consecutive years.[2]

Jesselton is known to maintain polite, reasonable, and even respectful mannerisms at all times, even when in the middle of battle; he is more than willing to negotiate with others before getting his hands dirty, and will frequently commend his enemies for their strength and efforts. However, this also belies a petty, controlling personality; despite claiming to not enjoy violence and killing, Jesselton takes pleasure in manipulating people and witnessing situations where they must "abandon their past" and ideals to survive the circumstances. Because of this two-faced nature, Jesselton is disliked by many who know him.


Mansfield Break

HydeBro, a Columbian construction firm who had dealings with Rhine Lab's Energy Department, had "disposed" their rival, Simon Co., by framing their CEO Smith Simon and his family for crimes they didn't commit and incarcerating them in Bunkerhill State Prison where they met their demise.[3] However, they were unable to deal with Smith's only son Anthony, who was incarcerated in Mansfield State Prison (which is out of HydeBro's direct sphere of influence) through a deal carried out by Smith to keep his son safe, making Anthony the last of the Simons. Wanting to deal with the Simons once and for all, HydeBro contracted Jesselton through Beachbrella to assassinate Anthony.[4]

Initially Jesselton didn't carry out the deed by himself, but rather hired Robin, an Anaty hitwoman as an intermediary under the alias Generous J, knowing that she is the daughter of the former director of BlackCloud Trade, a company that went bankrupt after unable to compete with Simon Co., by promising to cover her father's medical treatment[5] whose health has since deteriorated due to depression and alcoholism.[6] However, Robin were unsuccessful after she was caught victim in a prison brawl[7] and Anthony saw through her cover,[8] and Jesselton infiltrates Mansfield under the guise of one of the nomadic penitentiary's jailers to carry out the deed himself.

After overhearing Anthony who tried to persuade Robin into helping him break out of Mansfield,[8] Jesselton confronted Robin in her cell and tried to persuade the Anaty to continue her mission, revealing himself as her employer and pointing out what happened to Robin's father and company to justify the assassination, and that Anthony himself won't be able to compensate her anytime soon due to his predicament.[4] Robin initially follows Jesselton's suggestion by ambushing Anthony at the day of his jailbreak[9] but she once again failed and ultimately chose to help Anthony after the Feline saves her life and gives her a pep talk, despite Robin's betrayal.[10]

Jesselton calmly withstands an attack from Anthony.

Noticing Robin's change of heart, Jesselton headed to Mansfield's morgue and takes Domma hostage with help of some inmates, which prompts Anthony, Kafka, and Robin to rush into the morgue. As the two sides confronted each other, Jesselton had the inmates surround the trio and threatens to kill Domma if either Anthony refuses to fight him or Robin refuses to kill Anthony. Robin seemingly gave in and hurled a throwing knife at Anthony, but the knife hits the inmate holding Domma, freeing her and allowing Anthony and Kafka to deal with the other inmates. After briefly dueling Anthony, Jesselton activated the restrainment devices on Anthony and Kafka which paralyzed them, but they managed to shrug it off and continue fighting Jesselton with Robin's help, forcing him to drop his disguise and confront the trio head-on.[11]

The intense duel between Saria and Jesselton.

The fight between Jesselton and the jailbreak trio went intensely, but the hitman was able to gain the upper hand and wear out the trio out with his nigh-invulnerability to their attacks. As Jesselton boasted his victory, having fought the group long enough for his backup "reapers" to arrive, he was surprised to realize that it was a female Vouivre jailer who showed up instead before revealing herself as Saria. As Jesselton expressed his desire to prove himself stronger than the director of R.L.'s Defense Department who had rejected his application, Saria belittles him for his attitude and fights him in a one-on-one duel. Through her calcification Arts, Saria was more than a match for Jesselton and managed to easily overpower him. Outraged from his powerlessness against Saria, Jesselton was unable to protect himself from a mortal blow delivered by Saria, seemingly killing the hitman.[1]

When Dr. Olivia Silence told the story behind the Mansfield jailbreak to Muelsyse, the latter revealed that Jesselton had survived the duel but was promptly incarcerated for impersonating a jailer of Mansfield and his assassination attempt on Anthony.[12] However, once he was transferred to the South Prison, he attempted to ignite a mass jailbreak which was immediately suppressed.[13]

To Be Continued