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Ratatos Browntail is an NPC in Arknights. She is one of the main characters of Break the Ice and makes a short appearance in Browntail, part of To Be Continued.


Ratatos is the current matriarch of the Browntails, one of the three ruling families of Kjerag, together with the Paleroches and the Silverashes. She is a manipulative person who upholds the creed of the Browntails that they could only survive by being the third party between the reformist Silverashes and the conservative factions. She will do anything for the benefit of her family such as doing dirty tricks or betrayals. On the other hand, she is a trustworthy leader compared to her naïve sister Sciurus who only cares about her husband Yucatan.

Unlike her grandfather Luca, she actually has the desire to explore the outside world. She was the one who helped Enciodes in persuading the Great Elder in opening up the nation's door seven years ago (year 1090). She also studies economics by herself while observing the industrialization of the Silverashes' territory. But the more she learns, the more she discovers that Enciodes is actually trying to centralize his political power and planning to end the rule of the three families. All these make her frightened with the Silverashes' reformation, forcing her to side with the conservative factions. Ironically, she has been taught by her grandfather the same way the Silverashes are doing right now and which helps make the Browntails great again even though she resists this.[1]


Break the Ice

Enciodes and Ratatos having a honest discussion about their past and their ideals

To Be Continued