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The Gesatzswächters[note 1] are an organization in Arknights. They are first mentioned in Mizuki & Caerula Arbor[1] and play a story role in Zwillingstürme im Herbst.


The photo of a set of Gesatzswächter armor and Zweihänder used during the Battle of the Four Emperors published in the magazine Terran Museology in 1089.

The Gesatzswächters are the imperial guards who solely obey the order of the nine Kurfürsten. Combat-wise, they are the most powerful because they are the physical embodiment of the Güldenesgesatz, the magical constitution of Leithanien. Equipped with elegant armors and Zweihänders, the Gesatzswächters possess superb combat skills at close-medium range. Their Arts, often described as a grand symphony with their weapons acting like musical instruments, can unleash powerful spells that can completely annihilate enemy forces whenever they join forces, although this is usually a last resort measure.[2]

The most common Arts a Gesatzswächters possesses is the Golden Melody inherited by generations after generations that is capable of paralyzing the enemies just by performing the music.[3][4] A group of ten Gesatzswächters could easily summon a golden barrier.[5] According to witnesses, a band of Gesatzswächters could unleash Arts that could literally brighten the sky and paint it into gold.[6]

In order to join the ranks of the Gesatzswächters, new recruits of the Kurfürsten's armies must participate in Arts Adaptability tests focused on combat spells. The best-qualified ones are reassigned to special training facilities, and after a period of time, they can become Gesatzswächter.[2]

Different eras of the Gesatzswächters are equipped with different weapons depending on the Kurfürsten's resources and military tactics contrary to the public’s impression of their heavy Zweihänders. For example, the Gesatzswächters of the Battle of the Four Emperors possessed heavy armours and bladeless Zweihänders serving more like spears, or "percussion instrument" in a pictorial sense, and such design was aimed aimed to penetrate the testudoes of the Gallic Vieux Vanguards.[2]


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  1. From Gesatz, an obsolete spelling of Gesetz, lit. "law," and Wächter, lit. "guard;" "Guardians of the Law" in German