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Monique is an NPC in Arknights. She is one of the antagonists of Near Light and a main character of Farewell Roy, part of To Be Continued, alongside Roy.


Monique is a high-ranking assassin of the Armorless Union, one of two Lazurites alongside Roy, and the leader of the Third Squad. She was formerly a talented Victorian soldier who could not be promoted due to her status as a common folk. However, during a joint military exercise of Victoria and Kazimierz, she was somehow brought under the wing of the Kazimierz General Chamber of Commerce.[1] She gradually became a member of the Union where she uses her skill as an archer to perform numerous assassinations under the order of the K.G.C.C.

Unlike the carefree Roy, Monique is a responsible leader. She has a habit of writing down diaries thanks to her past experience as a soldier.[1] She often holds grudges against Roy for slacking off and even detests his presence, thinking that he will mess up her job. As a senior, she will give order to Centaurea the Platinum and put high hope on her for her accomplishment.


Near Light

Monique first appears when she is on her duty to trace Pinus Sylvestris after their rescue of Szewczyk. She is angered by the fact that Roy slacks off his job in the name of investigating Tola.[2] Still, she and her squad manage to encounter Iwona as well as the sudden interference of Toland, but she is forced to retreat after receiving a call from the Darksteels. When Roy and Monique meet again, she grumbles Roy's absence and his carefree spirit. In turn, Roy tells her to be reflexive as they have just received a new mission.[3]

Later on, Monique and Roy appear in front of the three Followers to warn them not to interfere the Union's business. A black spear shot by the Darksteels almost kills Liz have not Margaret and Shining quickly stop it. Before the duo's retreat, Monique warns that they are no match with the three Darksteels' spears.[4]

Monique leading her squad against "Wild Mane" Iwona

As part of the Union's plan to break free from the K.G.C.C., they secretly manipulate P.S.'s plan to start the second Kawalerielki Separation and plot assassinations onto those Board of Directors who have connections with the Union during the total black out. In the mean time, Monique leads her squad to purge the Infected community in order to redirect the blame onto them. But first, she meets Iwona once again and a fight ensues between the two, causing Iwona to suffer severe injuries. Before Monique is about to give her her final blow, Toland appears once again to lure her away.[5] The battle becomes messier as Tola too interferes the fight. However, when the Silverlance Pegasi suddenly return to the capital under the order of the Adeptus, Monique and her squad are forced to retreat.[6]

After the blackout, Monique receives an order to assassinate members of Rhodes Island while they are shopping down the street. She encounters Shining again who questioned her intention. In turn, Shining gives her three chances to shoot her arrows onto her. The former Confessarius easily blocks all the attack with her sword, and Monique is somehow attracted by her Arts and her benevolent character. In the end, Monique reluctantly gives up and orders her squad to stop the mission.[1]

The Armorless Union launches a total assault onto Margaret during her historical march with the Blood Knight to the Champion's Hall. However, the two Lazurites are stopped by Toland and Młynar. Although Monique easily gets rid of them and shoots her arrow onto the Radiant Knight, the attack is immediately blocked by Shining.[7]

In the aftermath, Monique and Roy plan to fake their death as part of the Union's plan. They will soon have a plastic surgery to change their identities, disguise themselves as shampoo sellers, and have the company join the K.G.C.C.[8] Seeing herself becoming their scapegoat, Centaurea decides to run away from the Union, but she is preyed by Monique's squad for three days without rest and food. Luckily, she bumps into the Doctor, and the Doctor immediately order Gravel and Touch to fend off Monique's attack. Learning that some campaign knights are stationed nearby, Monique immediately orders the rest to retreat.[9]

The two Lazurites also goes to the village where Dikaiopolis is staying after his retirement, implying to have a mission concerning him.[10]

To Be Continued

It turns out that the "mission" of the two Lazurites is an attempt to "assassinate" him so that both the Lazurites will fake their death and escape from the hands of the K.G.C.C. In turn, the two will also help fake Dikaiopolis' "death" so that he will no longer be disturbed by the corporations. Despite distrusting them from the very beginning, Dikaiopolis thinks that it is a worth try.

Following the plastic surgery, Monique is renamed Donna Tyrell and she and Roy (now named Joel) decide to have a short vacation in either Siesta or Dossoles.[11]