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Czcibor Paleniskos is an NPC in Arknights. He is the main antagonist of An Obscure Wanderer.


Czcibor is the captain of a certain campaign knightclub serving the Adeptus Sprawiedliwi and an old acquaintance of Młynar and Toland. Born in the lands surrounding Dzwonek into the Paleniskos house, he is the youngest son of the family's Knight Primus. However, his father was secretly committing treason against Kazimierz by collaborating with Leithanian aristocrats and gathering up a dozen rebellious high-ranking campaign knights for an uprising against the Adeptus. But before the plan was executed, he was found dead after a night with the murderer implied to be the legendary "Tenebrous Knight," who is in fact Młynar himself. As a matter of fact, the family's title was immediately revoked by the Adeptus, and Czcibor was banished from the noble class forever.[1]

While serving in a knightclub, Czcibor acquainted Celina, the former captain of the knightclub who will become his most-respected mentor. But years ago, she was involved in a local land property dispute among the aristocrats.[1] Seeing her as a threat to their power, Celina was falsely accused of bribery with numerous fake evidences. She was then immediately arrested, was brought to Kawalerielki for trial by the National Council, and was later wrongfully executed. Czcibor persuaded Młynar to save her from the trial, but sadly, the latter refused, believing that Celina's trial was too late to be stopped due to the aristocrats' involvement.[2]

Since Celina's death, Czcibor firmly believed that the Adeptus is as corrupt as the General Chamber of Commerce. He sees the generational knightly tradition held by the campaign knights has been slowly waning away by the newly risen capitalists. He also mourns of the injustice of the Adeptus which lead to countless unfair trials, and all those corruption will eventually turn the country into a prey by Leithanien. Returning to his father's path, Czcibor has been plotting to incite a war against Leithanien to have the Kazimierzians turn their attention onto their external enemies while trying to overthrow the Kazimierzian government as vengeance for Celina's death.


An Obscure Wanderer