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The elusive mastermind of the Crimson Troupe. Preferring to stay in the shadows, it is said that his title and many variants of it have existed for hundreds of years.
—Loading screen tip in Phantom & Crimson Solitaire

The Troupe Master is a background NPC in Arknights. His machinations from behind the scenes play an important role in Phantom & Crimson Solitaire.


Claimed to have been born in the ancient times, specifically when the Terrans start to manifest their artistic expressions from their drunkenness, the entity better known as the "Troupe Master" but also known by other names including Tragodia and Wine God, has observed the evolution of arts from musical performances into theatrical plays. He expressed fondness in tragedy, which leads to him founding what would be known as the Crimson Troupe to produce a "theater of incomparable heart" through tragedies. Knowing the limits of stage performance, however, he turned to manipulating others into enacting tragic actions, be it suicide and murder, for the purpose of pursuing "the pinnacle of arts" and satiating his seemingly limitless desire.[1]

The Troupe Master rarely, if ever, make public appearances and prefers to let the Troupe's senior members convey his will. However, he made an exception for Lucian, a Feline orphan taken in by the Troupe as their "rising star", personally teaching him singing techniques.[2] The Master favors Lucian as his magnum opus,[3] but appears to not realize that he had learned some of the Troupe's greatest secrets and did not stop him from massacring most of the Troupe.

The Troupe Master (the imposing shadowy figure on the left) watching Lucian becoming the "Blood Diamond" once again

When Lucian returned to the Troupe's castle headquarters and killed Ahrendts the Mouthpiece, the Master revealed himself before him alongside the revived Troupe members including the Mouthpiece as Lucian embraces his "Blood Diamond" self once more.[4]

The Master is last seen accepting the revised script of the events of Crimson Solitaire written by the Playwright.[5]