Phantom & Crimson Solitaire

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This Integrated Strategies theme's updates have been concluded in the Global server of Arknights.
As such, the content of this page and the related subpages have been archived.

Integrated Strategies #2: Phantom & Crimson Solitaire, often simply known as Integrated Strategies 2 (IS2) or Phantom and Crimson Solitaire (Crimson Solitaire or PCS for short), is the second theme of the namesake roguelike game mode in Arknights.

Crimson Solitaire introduces new mechanics that becomes the future standard of I.S., most notably the fact that I.S. themes are now permanently available.



Difficulty levels

Castle Sightseeing "Silent Squad" will escort you the whole way.
  • Starts with Silent Squad.png "Silent Squad" (friendly HP +45% and ATK/DEF +35%).
  • Receives only half Candle.png Candle.
  • Progressions in this mode do not contribute for unlocking new Collectibles and Squads.
Formal Investigation Hopefully this will turn out to be an uneventful investigation.
Calamity Faceoff Nothing but hardships ahead.
  • Starts with two random Collectibles, one of which is cursed and chosen from the following:
  • Receive 20% more Candles.


Leader Squad.png
Leader Squad
Gives 4 bonus Life Points in operations (stacks with those from other sources).
Gathering Squad.png
Gathering Squad
Increases the squad size and Unit Limit by 2.

Unlock condition: Clear 3F.
Support Squad.png
Support Squad
Starts with +20 Originium Ingot icon.png and +2 Hope.png.

Unlock condition: Obtain 150 Originium Ingot.png Originium Ingot across all runs.
Spearhead Squad.png
Spearhead Squad
Starts with only 1 Life Points.png, but friendly units have their maximum HP and ATK increased by 15%.

Unlock condition: Complete a run with at least 10 Life Points.png remaining.
Tactical Assault Squad.png
Tactical Assault Squad
4★ or higher Guards and Vanguards are automatically promoted when recruited.

Unlock condition: Complete a run with at least 5 Guards or Vanguards recruited.
Tactical Fortification Squad.png
Tactical Fortification Squad
4★ or higher Defenders and Supporters are automatically promoted when recruited.

Unlock condition: Complete a run with at least 5 Defenders or Supporters recruited.
Tactical Ranged Squad.png
Tactical Ranged Squad
4★ or higher Medics and Snipers are automatically promoted when recruited.

Unlock condition: Complete a run with at least 5 Medics or Snipers recruited.
Tactical Destruction Squad.png
Tactical Destruction Squad
4★ or higher Casters and Specialists are automatically promoted when recruited.

Unlock condition: Complete a run with at least 5 Casters or Specialists recruited.
Research Squad.png
Research Squad
Starts with +2 Life Points.png and increases the Command EXP from operations by 30%.

Unlock condition: Earn 1000 Command EXP across all runs.
First-Class Squad.png
First-Class Squad
Receives a random Elite Rec. Voucher when recruiting Operators at the start.

Unlock condition: Complete a run with at least 20 Operators recruited.


Mist-stricken Missteps
There is fog covering the entire area, and our squad has lost our way. Are we pushing forward, or are we merely dissolving ourselves away?

The mist has completely overwhelmed you. There is no longer a need to seek a way out, for this has become your home.
Sunset Courtyard
The courtyard is filled with the sunset's afterglow, yet that is not the color of hope. Come in, come in, esteemed guests who have wandered astray. The castle welcomes you.

The castle has numerous trials in store for its visitors, and you are unable to pay the price of failure.
Homeland Remnants
As the mist spreads into the castle and the vines make their way up the columns, the dark night appears to have retreated elsewhere for the moment. Do remember as you enjoy this moment of respite, however, that darkness is always right around the corner.

As you succumb to the dark shadows, you too will become part of the history of this place.
Nightmare's Prelude
Darkness falls, the candles throughout the deserted castle begin to light up by themselves, and the silent Nightzmora begins to roam the shadows in search for prey who have lost their way.

The candle flames flicker ceaselessly, just as you yet remain in this old castle. You surrender to your endless nightmares, never to awaken again.
Blood-soaked Corridor
Blood moons often signify the beginning of unfortunate tragedies in written accounts, and this omen is now shining down upon us through the windowpanes that line the corridor.

What will emerge beneath the blood moon? Panic? Fear? Frantic wailing? So be it. You have experienced it all.
Hall of Desires
The purest and truest desires, standing above all time, have engulfed this space whole. Here, there is nothing but the endless thirst for aesthetics, fine arts, and perfection.

Too bad. You are not entirely unblemished.

Operation drops

ISW-NO and ISW-DF operations
Floor (Emergency) Operation Dreadful Foe
EXP Ingot EXP Ingot
1F 10 (12) 3 (4) N/A
2F 12 (18) 3 (4)
3F 16 (24) 4 (5) 32 6
4F 20 (30) 4 (5) N/A
5F 25 (38) 4 (6) 50 7
6F N/A (45) N/A (6)
ISW-SP and ISW-DU operations
Operation EXP Ingot
Duck Lord's Play 3 1
Duck Lord's Party 6 2
Gopnik's Fist 7 3
This Ursus Man 9 5
Bound by Self and Demonic Cage 24 5
Disorderly Banquet and Observation 32 7
"Knights' Duel" 40 10
  • If the player is forced into the Emergency Operation version of A Date With Slugs/Accident/Beast Taming/Gun Salute through the "Sleeping Statue" Encounter from 2F onwards, the drops are calculated with the 1F values.
  • The 5F Dreadful Foe only awards the EXP and Ingot when cleared if the player fulfills the condition to enter 6F, as doing so otherwise will end the run instead.
  • Since the 6F Dreadful Foe ends the run when cleared, no EXP and Ingots are awarded from doing so.


An example of Phantom & Crimson Solitaire run's result screen; this one is completed with the Crimson Finale ending. Due to lack of space, only Operators that had been recruited are shown here.

When a Crimson Solitaire run ends, the ending will be shown if the run is completed; if the run fails, the "Reverberation" message is shown instead.

Afterwards, the credits (which can be skipped and viewed again from the result screen) will roll, showing the player's nickname under the title "Blood Diamond" and the Operators they have recruited throughout the run as the "casts", and highlights the player's actions throughout the run.

Credited actions
  • You stepped into the ancient castle and participated in a {difficulty}
  • You selected the {initial Rec. Vouchers option} recruitment set
  • Obtained support {Operational Reward}
  • Recruited Operator {name}
  • Recruited Promoted Operator {name}
  • Recruited Support Operator {name}
  • Recruited Temporary Operator {name}
  • Recruited Monthly Squad Operator {name}
  • Promoted Operator {name}
  • Received Collectible {name}
  • You entered the {floor name} zone
  • You experienced the hallucination {name}
  • You encountered {operation}
  • Unexpectedly encountered {Duck Lord/Gopnik}
  • You perfectly cleared {operation}
  • You met {event}
  • You met the odd merchant Cannot
  • You opened {Collectible from Boons}
  • Received Play {name}
  • Received Tactical Prop {name}
  • Carried out {option} in the Safe House
  • Spent {amount} Originium Ingots to purchase {ware}
  • Invested {amount} times
  • Received {item}
  • You defeated {boss}
  • Cleared the {title} ending
  • This is where it comes to an end

Once the credit ends with the message "The End", the player will be taken into the result screen showing the summary of the run (which will also be shown at the start of the credits) as follows:

You, Dr. {nickname} used the {Squad} and spent xx hrs xx min xx sec starting on yyyy/mm/dd hrs:min:sec
Witnessed the {ending}1/Ending your journey at {floor name}2
1 If the run is completed
2 If the run fails

The result screen also shows the following:

  • A flavor text that varies depending on the run's outcome, after the summary above (which will also be shown at the end of the credits).
  • A list of Collectibles, Plays, and Tactical Props the player have obtained during the run.
  • A list of Operators the player have recruited and promoted during the run.


Floors cleared
  • None: 0
  • 1: 30
  • 2: 80
  • 3: 150
  • 4: 270
  • 5: 400
  • 6: 550
Steps taken 1 × no. of entered nodes
Normal battles fought 10 × no. of cleared Operations (including ISW-DU and ISW-SP ones)
Operators recruited 2 × no. of recruited Operators
Items obtained 5 × no. of obtained items (Collectibles, Plays, and Tactical Props)
Boss battles fought 30 × no. of cleared Dreadful Foes
Elite battles fought 20 × no. of cleared Emergency Operations


Changelog (Global)

  • March 1, 2023: THE END
    • All past Monthly Squads are now available at all times.
    • Castle Notes level can be raised with Originite Prime.png Originite Prime from this point.
    • Monthly Contracts are no longer available.
  • February 1, 2023: FINAL UPDATE
    • Castle Notes level cap raised to 155.
    • New Monthly Squad: "Temporary Partner".
  • January 1, 2023
    • Castle Notes level cap raised to 140 with Ruins.png Ruins as the special reward.
    • New Monthly Squad: "Today's Teatime".
  • December 27, 2022: Expansion II
  • December 1, 2022
    • Castle Notes level cap raised to 125 with "Last Word" as the special reward.
    • New Monthly Squad: "Until Spring Comes".
  • November 1, 2022
  • October 1, 2022: Expansion I
    • Castle Notes level cap raised to 95 with Focus as the special reward.
    • New Monthly Squad: "Explosion in the Wilderness".
    • Deep Investigations introduced.
  • September 1, 2022
  • August 1, 2022
  • July 14, 2022 Introduced.