Ceobe's Fungimist

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This Integrated Strategies theme has been released in the Global server of Arknights.
As such, the content of this page and the related subpages have been archived.

Integrated Strategies #1: Ceobe's Fungimist, often simply known as Integrated Strategies 1 (IS1) or Fungimist, is the first theme of the namesake roguelike game mode in Arknights.

All Collectibles and Squads as well as the Treacherous Road difficulty are available for all players in the third week.

Unlike future I.S. themes, Ceobe's Fungimist is never made permanently available, but some elements of the theme are accessible in Mizuki & Caerula Arbor.



Difficulty levels

Joyous Wandering "Bad Guy" is on standby.
Outfitted Attendance Just an ordinary day for Rhodes Island's operators.
Treacherous Road Suffer a random curse, and get a minor collectible.
  • Starts with two random Collectibles, one of which is cursed and chosen from the following:
  • Receive 20% more Delicious Honey Biscuits.


Leader Squad.png
Leader Squad
Gives 4 bonus Life Points in each operation.
Gathering Squad.png
Gathering Squad
Increases the squad size and Unit Limit by 2.

Unlock condition: Clear 3F.
Support Squad.png
Support Squad
Starts with +20 Originium Ingot icon.png and +2 Hope.png.

Unlock condition: Obtain 150 Originium Ingot.png Originium Ingot across all runs.
Spearhead Squad.png
Spearhead Squad
Starts with only 1 Life Points.png, but friendly units have their maximum HP and ATK increased by 15%.

Unlock condition: Complete a run with at least 10 Life Points remaining.
Tactical Assault Squad.png
Tactical Assault Squad
4★ or higher Guards and Vanguards are automatically promoted when recruited.

Unlock condition: Complete a run with at least 5 Guards or Vanguards recruited.
Tactical Fortification Squad.png
Tactical Fortification Squad
4★ or higher Defenders and Supporters are automatically promoted when recruited.

Unlock condition: Complete a run with at least 5 Defenders or Supporters recruited.
Tactical Ranged Squad.png
Tactical Ranged Squad
4★ or higher Medics and Snipers are automatically promoted when recruited.

Unlock condition: Complete a run with at least 5 Medics or Snipers recruited.
Tactical Destruction Squad.png
Tactical Destruction Squad
4★ or higher Casters and Specialists are automatically promoted when recruited.

Unlock condition: Complete a run with at least 5 Casters or Specialists recruited.


Honey Biscuit Cave
Honey biscuits are not a form of food, but rather a conglomeration of the beautiful and sweet truth of this land. You have seen the entrance to this truth.
You Failed
You pass out inside the cave, and your consciousness follows the beautiful and sweet truth of this land, further and further in...
Honey Biscuit Mountain Range
Honey and biscuit layer upon each other endlessly, towering and steep. The mountain's summit is surrounded by an intoxicating mist.
You Failed
You collapsed on the mountain road paved with frosting and flour, and innumerable honey biscuits collapsed and buried you...
Thousand Roads
Under the pale, ashen hills, countless roads twist and spread, forming layer upon layer of interlocking pleated sheets.
You Failed
In the illusion of thousands of labyrinthine roads interweaving, you are lost on a long road with no end...
Cloud Maze
You've lost the ability to discern your location within the hazy mist. The soft, damp air surrounds you, making you lose track of the ground beneath your feet.
You Failed
You are floating among the clouds. Surrounded by nothing but fog and illusions, you feel lost and helpless.
Fungus Temple
Behind a layer of thorns, giant gray mushrooms tower high into the clouds, their ascocarp bearing the fruits of civilization. High above you, mycelium and gills interlace like a magnificent temple.
You Failed
A huge mushroom edifice collapses, sending an avalanche of spores crashing down towards you. You have nowhere to hide...
Ancient Domain of the Empire of Consciousness
You set foot upon a familiar yet unfamiliar land, where self-awareness and flights of fancy constantly merge and separate.
You Failed
In this ancient domain, you are caught in the infinite contemplation of the ego, superego, and id.

Operation drops

ISW-NO and ISW-DF operations
Floor (Emergency) Operation Dreadful Foe
EXP Ingot EXP Ingot
1F 10 (12) 3 (4) N/A
2F 12 (18) 3 (4)
3F 16 (24) 4 (5) 32 6
4F 20 (30) 4 (5) N/A
5F 25 (38) 4 (6) 50 7
6F N/A (38) N/A (6)
ISW-SP and ISW-DU operations
Operation EXP Ingot
Duck Lord's Challenge 3 1
Duck Lord's Taunt 5 2
Duck Lord's Bodyguard 7 3
Fanatic Siege 24 5
Rusthammer Battle 40 10
  • If the player is forced into the Emergency Operation version of Sea of Fire through the "Brawl Site" Encounter from 2F onwards, the drops are calculated with the 1F values.
  • The 5F Dreadful Foe only awards the EXP and Ingot when cleared if the player fulfills the condition to enter 6F, as doing so otherwise will end the run instead.
  • Since the 6F Dreadful Foe ends the run when cleared, no EXP and Ingots are awarded from doing so.


An example of a Ceobe's Fungimist run's result screen; this one is completed with the Dust of Dreams ending

When a Ceobe's Fungimist run ends, the ending will be shown if the run is completed; if the run fails, the "You Failed" message is shown instead. The following summary of the run is also included:

You, Dr. {nickname}
used {Squad} for xx hrs xx min xx sec on yyyy/mm/dd hrs:min:sec reached the final destination {ending}1/got lost in {floor name}2
1 If the run is completed
2 If the run fails

In addition, the following will also be displayed:

  • A flavor text that varies depending on the run's outcome, after the summary above.
  • A list of Collectibles the player have obtained during the run.
  • A list of Operators the player have recruited and promoted during the run.


Floors cleared
  • None: 0
  • 1: 50
  • 2: 140
  • 3: 230
  • 4: 340
  • 5: 450
  • 6: 600
Steps taken 1 × no. of entered nodes
Normal battles fought 10 × no. of cleared Operations (including ISW-DU and ISW-SP ones)
Operators recruited 3 × no. of recruited Operators
Items obtained 3 × no. of obtained Collectibles
Boss battles fought 40 × no. of cleared Dreadful Foes
Elite battles fought 20 × no. of cleared Emergency Operations