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Integrated Strategies #3: Mizuki & Caerula Arbor, (Caerula Arbor is Latin for "Azure Groves") often simply known as Integrated Strategies 3 (IS3) or Mizuki & Caerula Arbor (Caerula Arbor; not to be confused with the eponymous Firstborn Leviathan), is the third theme of the namesake roguelike game mode in Arknights.



Difficulty levels

  • Calm Seas and Surging Waves are initially available, while Surging Waves +1 and above are unlocked by completing a run in the preceding level (e.g. Surging Waves +8 will be unlocked once the player completed a Surging Waves +7 run).
  • The specific handicaps of Surging Waves +1 and above are carried over to every succeeding levels, with those increasing enemies' attributes stacked on top of each other.
  • Buff increases the HP and ATK of enemies by the specified percentage on each floor (starting on the 1st floor and increases on subsequent floors), using the following formula: a = (1 + b)c (a is the total buff; b is the buff percentage; c is the floor number).
    • Therefore, in the 5th floor at Surging Waves +15, enemies will have their HP and ATK increased to 210%.
    • The secret floor applies the buff at the floor when the player enters it, and do not increase the buff.
  • Score is a modifier to the run's final score.
Level Description Buff Score
Calm Seas May the ocean remain this gentle forevermore
  • Starts with Silent Squad.png "Silent Squad" (friendly HP +45% and ATK/DEF +35%)
  • Progressions in this mode do not contribute for unlocking new Collectibles and Squads.
0% −50%
Surging Waves The ocean's true visage is gradually revealed 0% 0%
Surging Waves +1 Friendly units take +15% Elemental Damage build-up. 1% +5%
Surging Waves +2 Obtains a random cursed Collectible upon entering the 3rd floor. 2% +10%
Surging Waves +3 Enemies have their RES increased by 10. 3% +15%
Surging Waves +4 3★ and above Operators cost +1 Hope.png to recruit. 4% +20%
Surging Waves +5 Boss enemies have their ATK and DEF increased by 15%. 5% +30%
Surging Waves +6 Start with -15 Light. 6% +40%
Surging Waves +7 Enemies have their speed increased by 15%. 7% +50%
Surging Waves +8 Friendly units take +15% Elemental Damage build-up. 8% +50%
Surging Waves +9 Enemies have their ASPD increased by 15. 9% +50%
Surging Waves +10 Start with -15 Light. 10% +50%
Surging Waves +11 Elite and boss enemies have their HP increased by 20%. 11% +50%
Surging Waves +12 Enemies have their RES increased by 10. 12% +50%
Surging Waves +13 Friendly units take +15% Elemental Damage build-up. 13% +50%
Surging Waves +14 The Unit Limit is reduced by 1. 14% +50%
Surging Waves +15 Elite and boss enemies have their HP, ATK, and DEF increased by 20%. 15% +50%


The three Squads new to Mizuki & Caerula Arbor can be upgraded in Cognitive Shaping.

Squad Information
Mind Over Matter Squad.png
Mind Over Matter Squad
Increases the likelihood of a Collectible to be awarded from operations.
  • Emotionalization: Further increases the likelihood of a Collectible to be awarded from operations (overrides the original effect).
  • Sensibility: Can choose a second reward from completing Regional Commissions.
  • Matter from Mind (Expansion II): Starts with Survivor Contract.png Survivor Contract (a random Operator gets +20% ATK and DEF at the start of the next operation and every subsequent operations).
Resourceful Squad.png
Resourceful Squad
Receives 1 die roll when entering a new floor. Adds an extra option to the Collectible awarded by Wish Fulfilled.[note 1]
  • Practice: Receive 2 die rolls when entering a new floor (overrides the original first effect).
  • Rationality and Estimation: Starts with an eight-sided die.
  • For Survival (Expansion II): Can roll the die in operations 15 times.
People-Oriented Squad.png
People-Oriented Squad
Operators cost -1 Hope.png to recruit.
  • Common Sense: Operators cost -1 Hope.png to recruit and promote (overrides the original effect).
  • Habit: Can choose a second reward from Safe Houses.
  • All for One (Expansion II): Can reach Command Level 11.
Leader Squad 3.png
Leader Squad
Starts with +2 Life Points.png. Receives 1 Life Points.png after clearing operations.
Gathering Squad 3.png
Gathering Squad
Increases the squad size and Unit Limit by 2.
Unlock condition
Clear the 3rd floor.
Support Squad 3.png
Support Squad
Starts with +20 Originium Ingot icon.png and +2 Hope.png.
Unlock condition
Obtain 150 Originium Ingot icon.png across all runs.
Spearhead Squad 3.png
Spearhead Squad
Starts with only 1 Life Points.png (the Life Point cap stays the same), but friendly units have their maximum HP and ATK increased by 15%.
Unlock condition
Complete a run with at least 10 Life Points.png remaining.
Tactical Assault Squad 3.png
Tactical Assault Squad
4★ or higher Guards and Vanguards cost -2 Hope.png to recruit and -1 Hope.png to promote, and may be automatically promoted when recruited.
Unlock condition
Complete a run with at least 5 Guards or Vanguards recruited.
Tactical Fortification Squad 3.png
Tactical Fortification Squad
4★ or higher Defenders and Supporters cost -2 Hope.png to recruit and -1 Hope.png to promote, and may be automatically promoted when recruited.
Unlock condition
Complete a run with at least 5 Defenders or Supporters recruited.
Tactical Ranged Squad 3.png
Tactical Ranged Squad
4★ or higher Medics and Snipers cost -2 Hope.png to recruit and -1 Hope.png to promote, and may be automatically promoted when recruited.
Unlock condition
Complete a run with at least 5 Medics or Snipers recruited.
Tactical Destruction Squad 3.png
Tactical Destruction Squad
4★ or higher Casters and Specialists cost -2 Hope.png to recruit and -1 Hope.png to promote, and may be automatically promoted when recruited.
Unlock condition
Complete a run with at least 5 Casters or Specialists recruited.
Research Squad 3.png
Research Squad
Starts with 3 Objective Shields. Increases the Command EXP from operations by 30%.
Unlock condition
Earn 1000 Command EXP across all runs.
First-Class Squad 3.png
First-Class Squad
Receives a random Advanced Rec. Voucher when recruiting Operators at the start.
Unlock condition
Complete a run with at least 20 Operators recruited.


IS3 floor 1.png
Sunshine Coast
The waves pass the steps devoid of footprints, the foam soaking the bricks at the base of the wall. This is a form of clamorous silence, where the land and the sea join in harmony.
Unfinished Simulation
The wind and waves wrap around your ankles, gently pulling you away from the land and into its embrace.
IS3 floor 2.png
Offshore Island
This island is not far from shore, but nobody knows how it came to be. The ocean wind pushes ajar the doors of the buildings here, light and shadow interweaving... Go on–enter, and take a look.
Unfinished Simulation
A spark of light inside a building is the best way to lure in visitors. As long as they take the bait, this isolated island far from civilization will still be able to feast.
IS3 floor 3.png
Raging Billows
The sky darkens, those dangerously beautiful tides shimmering as they gradually become clearer. They quietly spread towards the mouth of the cave on the island, right at our feet.
Unfinished Simulation
The water rises, sealing the entrance to the cave. The tide stretches its limbs, grabbing onto its prey.
IS3 floor 4.png
Secret Hotbed
Deeper inside the cave, the moss creeping along the rock walls begins to proliferate wildly, covering the entire surface. Life does not require the light of day to thrive.
Unfinished Simulation
In places devoid of light, survival is the sole impetus of life. Should you fail to come to terms with this reality, then you will be completely devoured by the life here.
IS3 floor 5.png
Sacrosanct Cave
The ocean current abruptly veers here, the sound of the rushing tide resembling that of crying. They seem to have been deliberately avoiding this place... Apparently, nature is not the only inhabitant here.
Unfinished Simulation
A true predator never needs to take action. The invisible helping hand of curiosity will naturally push the next meal into its mouth.
IS3 floor 6.png
Deep Sea Woodland
The sound of plants breathing resonates at the same frequency, and countless motes of fluorescent light rise amidst the forest like a galaxy hanging upside-down on the ocean floor. What kind of soil could give rise to such a wondrous grove?
Unfinished Simulation
You applaud nature, but nature only finds you to be noisy. Nevertheless, it will still take you in, whether you agree to it or not.
Additional information
The 6th floor is only accessible by clearing the 5th floor while having any of the following Collectibles:
Secret floor information
To enter the secret floor, enter the "At a Glance" Wander into Wonderland (which only appears once the "Curiosity" Cognitive Shaping node is unlocked) and choose "Try to cleanse the nethersea brand" at the cost of 1 Key icon.png, then choose "Maybe you can take care of some problems for your 'species'" to confirm.
  • The secret floor has four nodes in the following order: Wish Fulfilled > (Emergency) Operation > (Emergency) Operation > Dreadful Foe: Avoid Unsafe Roads/Chilling Curse/Hunting Group
    • The (Emergency) Operations will be those that appear in the 5th and 6th floors.
  • Call of We Many may be heard at an increased rate even if the player entered the secret floor before completing a run for the first time.
  • Once the secret floor is cleared, the player will be taken back to the floor where they entered it and proceed into the node succeeding "At a Glance".

Operation drops

ISW-NO and ISW-DF operations
Floor (Emergency) Operation Dreadful Foe
EXP Ingot EXP Ingot
1F 10 (12) 2 (3) N/A
2F 12 (18) 2 (3)
3F 14 (24) 2 (4) 32 5
4F 16 (30) 3 (4) N/A
5F 25 (38) 3 (5) 52 7
6F N/A (45) N/A (5)
Secret 29 (38) 3 (5) 52 6
ISW-SP and ISW-DU operations
Operation EXP Ingot
Indecisiveness 3 1
Supervision Site 5 2
Right in the Kisser 9 4
Tail Between Legs 13 8
Fishing in a Dry Pond 14 1
A New Day, A New Duck 14 6
Fanatical Flames 14 6
"Joy" From a Box 16 3
See the Big Picture 21 2
Reality 21 7
Additional information
  • If the player is forced into the Emergency Operation version of Insect Infestation/Sniper Squad/Symbiosis through the "Booty Bay" Encounter from the 2nd floor onwards, the drops are calculated as if the Emergency Operation is in the 1st floor.
  • The 5th floor's Dreadful Foe only awards the EXP and Ingot when cleared if the player fulfills the condition to enter the 6th floor, as doing so otherwise will end the run instead.
  • Since the 6th floor's Dreadful Foe ends the run when cleared, no EXP and Ingots are awarded from doing so.


An example of Mizuki & Caerula Arbor run's result screen; this one is completed with the Precious Days ending
Ditto (continued)

When a Caerula Arbor run ends, the ending will be played if the run is completed; if the run fails, the "Unfinished Simulation" message is shown instead.

Afterwards, the Data Rollback (which can be skipped and viewed again from the result screen) will be shown, which highlights the player's actions throughout the run as follows:

  • Path of Light: The player's Light upon entering each floor.
  • Rejection and Enlightenment: The Rejection afflicted on Operator(s) and Enlightenment(s) obtained by the player.
  • Monitor Fate: How many times the player have rolled the die and how much die rolls that gives off each of the five possible results, and the instance when the player rolls the highest and lowest number.
  • Important Points: Will only appear if the player had done the following:

After the Data Rollback ends with the message "Rollback Complete", the player will be taken into the result screen, which shows the summary of the run as follows:

You, Dr. {nickname} used the {Squad} and spent xx hrs xx min xx sec starting on yyyy/mm/dd hrs:min:sec
Witnessed the {ending}1/Ended your journey at {floor name}2
1 If the run is completed
2 If the run fails

The result screen also shows the following:

  • A flavor text that varies depending on the run's outcome, after the summary above.
  • A list of Operators the player have recruited and promoted during the run.
  • A list of Collectibles and Enlightenments the player have obtained during the run.


Floors cleared
  • None: 0
  • 1: 30
  • 2: 80
  • 3: 150
  • 4: 270
  • 5: 400
  • 6: 550
  • 7: 650
The secret floor is counted as one floor should the player enters and clears it.
Steps taken 1 × no. of entered nodes
Normal battles fought 10 × no. of cleared Operations (including ISW-DU and ISW-SP ones)
Operators recruited 2 × no. of recruited Operators
Items obtained 5 × no. of obtained items (Collectible; those traded away in Fortituous Opportunity still counts)
Boss battles fought 30 × no. of cleared Dreadful Foes
Elite battles fought 20 × no. of cleared Emergency Operations



  1. Not stated in-game

Changelog (Global)