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Unique to Mizuki & Caerula Arbor, die/dice is an integral mechanic where the player uses the namesake to influence the run in good or bad ways depending on their fortune.

The player is given a number of die rolls at the start of a Caerula Arbor run and can obtain more throughout the run, which allows them to roll a die in the following scenarios to influence the outcome at the cost of one roll:

  • Operations, where it reduces the ASPD and speed of enemies at varying degrees, and may also shorten friendly units' redeployment time. For further information, see Dice (device).
  • Rogue Traders, where it may refresh his wares.
  • Opening Drifting Cache.png Drifting Cache.
  • Certain Encounters, usually for a chance to not spend resources for the best outcome.
  • Re-rolling the die on Wish Fulfilled and die roll upon entering a new floor when the player rolls an unfavorable number (requires the "Cognoscenti" and "Inspiration" Cognitive Shaping nodes to be unlocked first).

The player will roll a die in the following situations which does not require the player to spend die rolls:

  • Entering a new floor
  • Wish Fulfilled
  • Certain Encounters

There are three types of die with differing amount of sides; the more sides the die has, the more favorable the die roll's outcome.

6-Sided Die
A commonly-seen six-sided die. Seems to be able to decide on certain things after being cast.
The default cube die with 6 sides.
8-Sided Die
An uncommon eight-sided die. Seems to be able to decide on certain things after being cast.
The improved octahedron die with 8 sides. Upgraded from the 6-Sided Die by obtaining the Duck Lord's Golden Brick.png Duck Lord's Golden Brick or starting the run with Resourceful Squad.png Resourceful Squad (requires the "Divine Duckforce" and "Rationality and Estimation" Cognitive Shaping node, respectively, to be unlocked first).
12-Sided Die
An extremely rare twelve-sided die. Seems to be able to decide on certain things after being cast.
The further improved dodecahedron die with 12 sides. Upgraded from the 8-Sided Die after achieving the other condition to upgrade the 6-Sided Die into the 8-Sided Die (see above).

There are five possible outcomes of a die roll:

IS-Best Roll.png
Favored by Fortune
The best outcome.
IS-Good Roll.png
Smooth Sailing
The good outcome.
IS-Neutral Roll.png
Calm Seas
The neutral outcome.
IS-Bad Roll.png
Twists and Turns
The bad outcome.
IS-Worst Roll.png
The worst outcome, which is only used in die rolls upon entering a new floor.