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Many Operators in Arknights have various outfits or skins that changes their appearance to a unique feel and look with various themes depending on the Operator and the outfit in question. They are designed/produced by various Terran fashion brands and franchises, making outfits more of designer clothes than practical battledresses although some outfits do tailored for tactical uses, notably those from the Pioneer and Striker brands, and to a lesser degree, Bloodline of Combat.

Some outfits also give special effects during gameplay including changing the appearance of deployable units tied to the respective Operator, but these are purely cosmetic and do not affect the Operator's performance in any way.

Most outfits are available in the Outfit Store, bought with Originite Prime.png Originite Prime or acquired by using Outfit Voucher.png Outfit Voucher (although certain limitations apply for this), and some are awarded from various events. It is highly recommended for players to save up their Originite Primes whenever possible to buy outfits for their favorite Operators to make the most of them.

Test Collection EPOQUE Made by 0011 0011/Tempest Coral Coast MARTHE
Witch Feast Cambrian Series Icefield Messenger Vitafield Pioneer Striker
Bloodline of Combat Rhodes Kitchen Dreambind Castle Whistlewind Ambience Synesthesia Crossover
Shining Steps Achievement Star 0011/Yun Iteration Provident Unveiling of Devotion


Certain outfits also have unique features that makes them much more valuable and provide greater aesthetics.

Dynamic art

These outfits have a dynamic (animated) artwork, popularly (yet incorrectly) known as Live2D,[1] which is played when the outfit is displayed in the Store, main menu, and Operator information screen. Since this may strain the performance of certain devices, the player can have dynamic art outfits only animated on the main menu or turn their animations off altogether (thus only the static artwork that will be displayed as usual) in Options.


These outfits, in addition to having dynamic art (see above), also has a special animated scene when acquired and changes the respective Operator's dialogues to new ones reflecting the outfit's theme when worn.


  1. This is a misunderstanding in fact because Live2D is widely used in games for the dynamic art and interact animations. The dynamic art in Arknights is in fact powered by Spine animation engine, which is also used for the Operators chibi in-game models.