Contingency Contract operations

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Contingency Contract operations are part of the eponymous seasonal game mode.

Introduced in Operation(s)
C.C. Beta Abandoned High-riseArea 59 RuinsBarren Plaza
C.C. Barrenland Broken PathDesolate DesertFrost-Covered RuinsNew StreetTransport Hub
C.C. Pyrite East ArmoryPyrite Gorge
C.C. Blade Deserted Factory
C.C. Cinder Area 6 RuinsWindswept Highland
C.C. Lead Seal Abandoned MineLocked-Down Prison
C.C. Spectrum Arena 8
C.C. Wild Scales Abandoned PlotHowling Desert
C.C. Pine Soot Blazing CavernHui-ch'i Foothills
C.C. Dawnseeker Grand Knight Territory Bar DistrictSandsea Remnants
C.C. Deepness Sal Viento KarstShangshu Trails
C.C. Ashring County Hillock DepotLondinium Outskirts
C.C. Fake Waves Tundra MinesUnder-Construction Beachside
C.C. Base Point Foggy WarzoneNameless Sanctuary