3★ Operators

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A list of 3-star (3★) Operators. They represent new recruits of Rhodes Island's paramilitary who mostly act as reserves and rear-line units but have the potential to grow stronger in the future, as attested by Kroos and Lava, as well as junior combatants (e.g. Plume, Vanilla).

3★ Operators can be distinguished by the following:

  • They can be promoted to Elite 1, costing 10000 LMD icon.png.
  • They have a maximum level of 40 before promotions and 55 at Elite 1 (for a total of 95 levels).
  • They have one skill which is initially available.
  • They have one talent which is upgraded at Elite 1 Level 55, except for Catapult and Fang, who don't receive an upgrade.

Note: All 3★ Operators have been released in the Global server as of January 2024, and their Global release status is omitted.

The following 3★ Operators are only available in Integrated Strategies with the following differences:

  • They are recruited as Temporary Recruitment Operators, thus they will start in Elite 1 Level 55.
  • They have no skill and talent.
  • They are not subject to the Potential mechanic and have no base skills since they are never available outside I.S..
  • They can be recruited more than once, allowing multiple of them to be added into the squad and deployed at the same time.
Operator Name Class Branch Faction
Reserve Operator - Caster icon.png
Reserve Operator - Caster
Rhodes Island.png
Reserve Operator - Defender icon.png
Reserve Operator - Defender
Rhodes Island.png
Reserve Operator - Logistics icon.png
Reserve Operator - Logistics
Rhodes Island.png
Reserve Operator - Melee icon.png
Reserve Operator - Melee
Rhodes Island.png
Reserve Operator - Sniper icon.png
Reserve Operator - Sniper
Rhodes Island.png