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This article lists future additions to the game's interface that have been released on the CN server, or have been announced but not released.

See also Historic UI changes for features that have been added to Global and are now part of the game, and the previous UI.

Updated "Long Term Exploration" menu and Integrated Strategies themes menu

Due to the addition of Tales Within the Sand, Reclamation Algorithm is now permanently available alongside Integrated Strategies, requiring a new menu element in the user interface. As a result, the Terminal has been updated, replacing the "Integrated Strategies" menu element with a general "Long Term Exploration" menu, which houses both game modes, similar to the Regular Tasks menu updated alongside the release of Stationary Security Service.

Furthermore, due to being moved to their own-sub menu, Integrated Strategies themes have received a new preliminary user interface listing all themes, with more information displayed than the previous iteration of the menu.

Updated Doctor profile customization

Currently in the CN server, it is possible to take a screen capture of one's profile and share directly onto Chinese social media platforms.

Furthermore, in an upcoming update, several elements of the player's public profile will be improved.

  • The amount of Furniture obtained will be replaced with the amount of Outfits obtained.
  • There will be a button to automatically copy the UID to the clipboard.
  • The amount of acquired Operators can be swapped between a number or a total percentage.
  • The modules in the card (currently, Medal set on display and main story progress) can be changed.
  • Themes will be added for the card. The themes will affect the Profile card as well as players in one's friend list.