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0011 Yun.png
Lingering Essence
0011 Yun Series looks back on the city's past, drawing upon the beauty of old times. The Yun series reshapes fashion with classic essence, sterling craftsmanship, and unique innovation, expanding the frontiers of the future through the past.
0011 Yun slide 0.png
Clouds Float Like Ideas of Art
Lunacub Skin 1.png
Model: Lunacub
Illustrator: IRIS_呓
One of Lunacub's casual outfits.
"I had a dream, Agnese... I turned into a winged beastling amongst flowers, flying over a strange fence, up into the sky... Will there be people up above the clouds to hunt with us?"
0011 Yun Series/Clouds Float Like Ideas of Art. Presented by the finest Yanese artisans, combining classic style with trendy spirit.
Available from: Outfit Store (18 Originite Prime icon.png)
Release: Trials for Navigator 3
Away From Past
Jieyun Skin 1.png
Model: Jieyun
Illustrator: 伍秋秋秋秋
One of Jieyun's casual outfits.
0011 Yun Series/Away From Past. 炎国巧匠设计了窄袖宽袍,采用时尚的拼接和剪裁,更注重舒适与清凉。截云穿着它游历到了炎国的水乡。
Available from: Outfit Store (18 Originite Prime icon.png)
Release (CN): Where Vernal Winds Will Never Blow Rerun