Record Restoration

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Record Restoration is a feature in Arknights.

Record Restoration allows the player to earn rewards from previous events if they had not yet, tied to the Intermezzo/Side Story sections of the Terminal (major events) or the Special Operations section of the Archive (Vignettes). It also adds a new unique player icon related to the event, tied to the system.

This feature functions differently for Intermezzi/Side Stories and Vignettes:

  • In an Intermezzo or Side Story, the player must clear the corresponding non-tutorial operations on the Terminal to unlock rewards based on the operation's rating (e.g. 2-star gives 2 points, Challenge Mode gives 4 points); once a certain threshold of points is attained, the rewards can be claimed from the Record Restoration menu. For further details, see Record Restoration/Intermezzi and Record Restoration/Side Stories.
  • In Vignettes, the player must unlock the cutscenes associated to the event using Information Fragment.png Information Fragment to unlock the rewards. To players who have already unlocked the cutscenes, all rewards will be automatically unlocked. As a result of this new requirement, Information Fragments can now be purchased outside of event stores for 20 Purchase Certificate icon.png each. For further details, see Record Restoration/Vignettes.


As of March 2, 2024, Record Restoration is available for the following events:

Event Date of addition
CN Global TW
EN Heart of Surging Flame banner.png 2021/8/26 2022/3/1 2022/6/1
EN Grani and the Knights' Treasure banner.png 2021/10/15 2022/4/14 2022/7/20
EN Operational Intelligence banner.png 2021/10/15 2022/4/14 2022/7/20
EN Code of Brawl banner.png 2021/7/12 2022/5/26 2022/9/14
EN Ancient Forge banner.png 2021/12/28 2022/7/11 2022/10/16
EN Stories of Afternoon banner.png 2022/2/15 2022/8/30 2022/12/1
EN Children of Ursus banner.png 2022/4/14 2022/10/26 2023/1/31
EN Darknights Memoir banner.png 2022/5/30 2022/11/25 2023/2/23
EN The Great Chief Returns banner.png 2022/8/25 2023/1/27 2023/7/4
EN Twilight of Wolumonde banner.png 2022/7/5 2023/2/3 2023/4/20
EN Rewinding Breeze banner.png 2022/7/5 2023/2/17 2023/4/27
EN Beyond Here banner.png 2022/9/15 2023/4/4 2023/5/23
EN Maria Nearl banner.png 2022/10/18 2023/4/7 2023/8/17
EN Preluding Lights banner.png 2022/11/30 2023/6/13 2023/8/29
EN Mansfield Break banner.png 2022/12/29 2023/7/20 2023/10/26
EN Who is Real banner.png 2023/1/24 2023/8/4 TBA
EN Vigilo banner.png 2023/2/14 2023/8/29 TBA
EN A Walk in the Dust banner.png 2023/4/13 2023/10/31 TBA
EN Under Tides banner.png 2023/6/15 2023/12/28 TBA
EN Pinus Sylvestris banner.png 2023/6/22 2024/1/4 TBA
EN Dossoles Holiday banner.png 2023/8/8 2024/1/23 TBA
EN A Light Spark in Darkness banner.png 2023/8/15 2024/1/30 TBA
EN Near Light banner.png 2023/9/19 2024/3/2 TBA
EN Break the Ice banner.png 2023/11/28 TBA TBA
EN To Be Continued banner.png 2023/12/19 TBA TBA
EN Invitation to Wine banner.png 2024/1/16 TBA TBA
EN An Obscure Wanderer banner.png TBA TBA TBA
EN Guide Ahead banner.png TBA TBA TBA
EN Stultifera Navis banner.png TBA TBA TBA