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The Information Fragment is a currency in Arknights.

Item description
A topological model of effective intelligence that can be used to reconstruct past events.

An auxiliary function of Rhodes Island's intelligence processing system. After extracting effective intelligence from a complex batch of information, the system was able to recreate images of past events with astonishing fidelity. The information was packaged as videotapes to make it easier for ordinary people to understand.


A representation of valuable intelligence data collected by Rhodes Island's SIGINT and HUMINT efforts, these video tapes are used to unlock the story interludes of Vignette events to be viewed in the Intelligence section of Archives, costing one Information Fragment each. Once unlocked, the interludes will always be available at the Archives.

Do note that major events require the player to play the corresponding event to unlock the interludes, so one will not be able to view them if the player did not unlock them during the event, which is often the case for new players.

Information Fragments can also be used to unlock the rewards of various Vignettes if the player haven't obtained them during the event's run as part of the Record Restoration feature.


Information Fragments are available as the reward of Vignettes starting from Children of Ursus.

Since the Pinus Sylvestris event, Information Fragments are available at the Purchase Certificate Store for 20 Purchase Certificate icon.png due to the introduction of Record Restoration for Vignettes.

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