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These items are related to various events and typically act as a currency for the event's stores or a "milestone" where the player will receive rewards accumulating a certain number of the item. Most event currencies can only be obtained at the corresponding event's operations and/or missions, though some can be obtained from regular operations.

Take note that all unspent event currencies will be lost once the corresponding event ends, but their respective event store will remain open to spend any remaining event currencies or the event's milestone rewards can be claimed for some time depending on the event in question:

Grani and the Knights' Treasure
Bounty Coin
Operational Intelligence
Valid Intelligence Unit
Heart of Surging Flame
Obsidian Festival Bracelet
Obsidian Festival Ticket
Obsidian Festival Token
Siesta Obsidian
Code of Brawl
Top Tier Penguin Medal
Half Year Anniversary
Half Year Anniversary Red Envelope
Lantern Festival Treasure
New Year's Lantern
Quantum Firecracker
Stories of Afternoon
Canteen Soup Ticket
Children of Ursus
Best-selling Peterheim Cookies
Twilight of Wolumonde
Aristocrat's Antique Aureus
Wolumonde Search Warrant
Darknights Memoir
Anonymous Tags
1st Anniversary Celebration
32-hour Strategic Ration
Guerrilla Squad Member Badge
The Great Chief Returns
Mechanical Parts
Rewinding Breeze
Discarded Clock Dial
Maria Nearl
Mieszko Match Ticket
Fan Appreciation Event
Celebratory Box
Thank-You Celebration Supplies
Mansfield Break
Factory Steel
Beyond Here
Wondrous Postcard
Who is Real
Dusk Inkstick
Operation Originium Dust
Rhodes Island Resource Allocation Certificate
A Walk in the Dust
Scattered Sketch
Under Tides
Corrupted Iberian Record
Preluding Lights
Clearance Permit
Interlocking Competition Hymnoi Wisdom
Competition Medal
Dossoles Holiday
[Dragon and Rat in Conflict]
["Golden Partner"]
[Holiday's End]
Mama John's Voucher
Miss Ch'en Commemorative Medal
[Oni and Tiger Twinned Stars]
Pinus Sylvestris
Liść Ticket
Near Light
G.K.T. Commemorative Model
Break the Ice
Stone of Kjeragandr
Invitation to Wine
Canned Tea
A Light Spark in Darkness
Wage Ticket
Guide Ahead
Etched Bullet Casing
Stultifera Navis
Rusted Compass
Lingering Echoes
Sheet Music
Ideal City
Photocopies of "Stranger Things"
To Be Continued
Library Card
Dorothy's Vision
Mysterious Reagent
An Obscure Wanderer
Standard-Issue Component
It's Been A While
Nutritional Pet Food Tin
Il Siracusano
Permesso di Importazione
What the Firelight Casts
Manuscripts of Ballads
Where Vernal Winds Will Never Blow
Freshly-Brewed Liedaozi
A Death in Chunfen
Wellbeing Charm
Lone Trail
Flight Data Recorder Chip
Technological Investigation Supply
Pinch-Out Experimental Operation
Crystalized Originium
Hortus de Escapismo
Holy Statue Fragment
So Long, Adele
Fluffy Critter Wool
Mountaincomm Trade Supplies
The Black Forest Wills A Dream
Guiding Figurine
Come Catastrophes or Wakes of Vultures
Shoddy Fuel
Design of Strife
Experimental Dataset
Zwillingstürme im Herbst
Die Klänge von den Erinnerungen
Investigation Resupply
Note of Joy
Note of Anger
Note of Sorrow
Note of Fear