[Oni and Tiger Twinned Stars]

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[Oni and Tiger Twinned Stars] is an event item in Arknights.

Item description
A commemoration of Ch'en's special investigation in Dossoles.

At the time, Hoshiguma and Swire weren't aware of how they'd handily sorted out Ch'en's objective. The only reason they never ran into her was because Swire immediately dragged Hoshiguma off to go shopping.


A photo that shows Hoshiguma and Swire walking through Dossoles' shopping district, looking for some souvenirs to be bought.

Having [Oni and Tiger Twinned Stars] will allow the player to access DH-S-1.


[Oni and Tiger Twinned Stars] are awarded from the Honors Showcase of the Dossoles Holiday event upon collecting 5 Miss Ch'en Commemorative Medal.png.


  • The Chinese name of this item is a pun of 鬼斧神工 (Pinyin: Guǐfǔshéngōng), which means "uncanny workmanship."

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