Quantum Firecracker

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The Quantum Firecracker is an event currency in Arknights.

Item description
The wonderful paraphernalia collected during the festival can be exchanged for great rewards.

A traditional explosive device that derives its meaning from its purpose. If an explosive goes off in a forest and no one is around to hear it, did an explosive really go off at all?


These firecrackers are used during the Ancient Forge event as a "milestone" for the purpose of handing out event rewards. Refer to the Ancient Forge event article for more information about the rewards and the amount of Quantum Firecrackers needed.


Quantum Firecrackers are awarded by clearing any operation except Challenge Mode, Annihilation, and Extreme Mode operations during the Ancient Forge event, with the amount being equal to the Sanity.png Sanity spent to run the said operation.