Wellbeing Charm

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The Wellbeing Charm is an event currency in Arknights.

Item description
A wellbeing charm hand-carved by the Moushan villagers to pray for blessings. Take it to Yishan Temple, have the censer acolyte bestow it a stroke of cinnabar, and it may put you all the more at ease.

A plaque carved of crude peachwood. When a year's harvest is good, some are willing to exchange their foodstuffs with the elderly, whose consummate craft produces these charms, by which auspiciousness is sought.


These pieces of wooden plaques with prayers for Moushan's wellbeing can be obtained and exchanged for various items at the Yishan Temple during A Death in Chunfen.


Wellbeing Charms are awarded as the special drop of all operations except Challenge Mode, Annihilation, and Extreme Mode during A Death in Chunfen, with the amount being equal to the Sanity.png Sanity spent to run said operation, in addition as the first clear reward of DC operations.