["Golden Partner"]

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["Golden Partner"] is an event item in Arknights.

Item description
A commemoration of Ch'en's special investigation in Dossoles.

In Swire's belief, she needs a partner just as Hoshiguma is to Ch'en, and simultaneously, she believes Lin Yühsia could become that partner. She's made no small effort to see that happen, and ultimately, you can tell how it turned out just by the look on their faces.


A photo that shows Swire trying to mediate the hostility between Ch'en and Lin Yühsia during the R&R in Dossoles.

Having ["Golden Partner"] will allow the player to access DH-S-3.


["Golden Partner"] are awarded from the Honors Showcase of the Dossoles Holiday event upon collecting 39 Miss Ch'en Commemorative Medal.png.

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