[Dragon and Rat in Conflict]

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[Dragon and Rat in Conflict] is an event item in Arknights.

Item description
A commemoration of Ch'en's special investigation in Dossoles.

That day, that moment Ch'en and Lin Yühsia came out of the A.H.C. Bar, the gunpowder tension between them had everyone following the championship excited beyond belief.


A photo that shows Ch'en and Lin Yühsia having a tense stand-off in front of a Dossolesian bar. The Lung and the Zalak never gets along, does they?

Having [Dragon and Rat in Conflict] will allow the player to access DH-S-2.


[Dragon and Rat in Conflict] are awarded from the Honors Showcase of the Dossoles Holiday event upon collecting 24 Miss Ch'en Commemorative Medal.png.

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