Die Klänge von den Erinnerungen

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Die Klänge von den Erinnerungen (German for "the tunes of the memories") is an event currency in Arknights.

Item description
Leaves that fall on the streets of Zwillingstürme. Missing phrases of music can be found on them from time to time. Give them to tune seekers at concerts and be rewarded with the gift of music.

Memories of the past are scattered across the ancient capital of Leithanien, carried by broken passages of music. Like today's Leithanien, they will need be tuned before they can be heard.


These leaves that somehow bore parts of Leithanien musical pieces can be obtained and exchanged for various items in the Herbstmondeskonzert during the Zwillingstürme im Herbst event.


Die Klänge von den Erinnerungen are awarded as the first clear reward of all ZT operations and the regular drop of Zwillingstürme anbeten operations, and from Venesuhrenturm missions.