Permesso di Importazione

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The Permesso di Importazione (plural Permessi di Importazione; Italian for "Import Permit") is an event currency in Arknights.

Item description
Permits issued by the Dipartimento di Sicurezza Alimentare[note 1] to the famiglie. These grant famiglia members entry to the Dipartimento di Sicurezza Alimentare and the right to obtain goods, whether said goods fall under "alimentare"[note 2] notwithstanding.

Steaks, seasonal vegetables, and fresh fruit to please any soul, or a little something otherwise. The clever ones know what the famiglie want, and will ready it in advance, to be supplied when the time comes.


A Siracusan government-issued permit which regulates the importation of food supplies, Permessi di Importazione can be obtained and exchanged for various items at the Dipartimento di Sicurezza Alimentare during the Il Siracusano event.


Permessi di Importazione are awarded as the first clear reward of all IS operations and the regular drop of Stagione delle Piogge operations, and from Menù del Banchetto missions.


  1. Italian for "Department of Food Safety"
  2. Italian for "food"