Miss Ch'en Commemorative Medal

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Miss Ch'en Commemorative Medal is an event currency in Arknights.

Item description
Medals specially ordered by Ms. Candela to be cast to commend Ch'en's actions. Accumulate certain amounts and the Dossoles Police Station will issue rewards.

Every medal represents Ch'en's swift mid-investigation resolution of incidents unrelated to her assignment from Ms. Candela. During the time she was retained in Dossoles, the city's crime rate reached a record low. As a warning for the local police department, these Ch'en medals have been displayed in the middle of the head office, where you can't miss them.


Awarded by the mayor of Dossoles, Candela Sanchez, to Ch'en for her efforts in keeping Dossoles peaceful throughout the Dossoles Warrior Championship, these medals are used in the Dossoles Holiday event as a "milestone" for the purpose of handing out event rewards in Honors Showcase.


Miss Ch'en Commemorative Medals are awarded by completing Ch'en's Clue Note missions during the DH event.