Standard-Issue Component

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The Standard-Issue Component is an event currency in Arknights.

Item description
A type of worn-out mechanical part commonly found around Dzwonek, recyclable at city supermarkets across Kazimierz.

The fast rusting remains of war ambitions, Knightclub knockouts, or perhaps damaged weapon parts. Poses a risk of Originium infection if not handled properly. For some strange reason, occasionally found in common working-class households.


These waste components repurposed as materials by the people of Dzwonek can be obtained and exchanged for various items at the Silver Salt Supermarket Chain during An Obscure Wanderer.


Standard-Issue Components are awarded by clearing any operation except Challenge Mode, Annihilation, and Extreme Mode during the AW event, with the amount being equal to the Sanity.png Sanity spent to run the said operation.