Dusk Inkstick

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The Dusk Inkstick is an event currency in Arknights.

Item description
Dusk's handmade inkstick. Nobody knows how they're made. Perhaps you can make use of them to ask her about a few things.

On its front, "starshrouded snow" is engraved in characters from ancient times. Just the talent to create these inksticks can be called rare. Dusk very rarely uses normal inksticks. If she's out of options, employing one to depict one and retrieving one fresh isn't impossible either.


These sticks of ink hand-made by Dusk herself can be obtained and exchanged for various items at Answer Yourself during the Who is Real event.


Dusk Inksticks are awarded as the first clear reward of all WR operations and as the regular drop of Leave From Yourself operations.