Canned Tea

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The Canned Tea is an event currency in Arknights.

Item description
A specialty jarred beverage common in Shangshu. They say it always sells out at inns and teahouses.

Diligent workers step hurriedly, easy-to-carry jarred tea there in times of need. The tea is chosen with care, pure in color and scent, flavor sweet and light and long-lasting, aftertaste melodious. Numerous brands exist, standing their own ground in drinks sections of supermarkets in every region of Yan, save for Zhe'ergen Signature, which no one pays any mind.


A can of sweet tea and one of Shangshu's best known products, Canned Teas can be obtained and exchanged for various items at the Xingyu Inn during the Invitation to Wine event.


Canned Teas are awarded as the first clear reward of all IW operations and as the regular drop of Tales of Three-Mountains operations.