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The Rhodes Island Infrastructure Complex (RIIC), also known as the Base, is a gameplay feature in Arknights. It is where Operators spend their time outside of operations by resting and working for Rhodes Island.

The RIIC is important for the player's progression as it is a major source of LMD.png LMD and Battle Records, and to a lesser degree, Orundum.png Orundum.


The RIIC is accessible once 0-11 is cleared for the first time. It consists of 18 rooms (40 if the corridors and elevators are counted) divided into 9 types of facilities. At first only the Control Center is present, and the other rooms must be cleaned before the corresponding facilities can be built. Upgrading the Control Center grants access to more rooms and facilities.

An Operator must be assigned to each facility for it to function. Operators have 24 morale which are drained as they work; once the Operator's morale reaches 0, they will become distracted, causing their base skills to no longer have any effect. Morale can be restored by having the Operator rest in Dormitories.

The RIIC is also a good way to increase Operators' Trust; every 24 hours, Operators working at RIIC facilities can be interacted with to earn Trust points. The RIIC Assistant and Floor Assistants can do so every 12 hours instead.

Cleaning rooms require building materials, and building facilities also require Drones. The more rooms are cleaned, the more Drones available to use, up to 200.


Facility Description
RIIC Control Center.png
The control center of Rhodes Island's ship system, it is the foundation of all areas' construction.
The heart of the RIIC. Operators can be assigned here to reduce the morale drain rate of working Operators. Also acts as the workplace of the RIIC Assistant.
RIIC Dormitory.png
A facility that provides standard accommodation for Rhodes Island's Operators. It has everything needed for relaxation and entertainment.
Tended by Floor Assistants, Operators rest here after working to recover their morale so they can work effectively again. Can be decorated by furnitures at the player's discretion, which influences Credit.png Credit income.
RIIC Power Plant.png
A facility that produces electricity at Rhodes Island. It produces and transfers power by utilizing the Originium engine.
Provides power for other RIIC facilities. Also increases Drone.png Drone generation rate, which can be accelerated by assigning an Operator to it.
RIIC Factory.png
A facility that produces resources at Rhodes Island, it turns raw materials into industrial materials and produces all kinds of items.
One of the essential RIIC facilities which produces Pure Gold.png Pure Gold, Originium Shard.png Originium Shard, Battle Records, and Dualchips when Operator(s) are assigned to it.
RIIC Trading Post.png
A facility that deals with Rhodes Island's commercial contracts and agreements with all other parties. It acquires the funds needed to fuel the research and operation of Rhodes Island.
One of the essential RIIC facilities which generates trade orders that exchanges Pure Gold or Originium Shard for LMD.png LMD or Orundum.png Orundum respectively when Operator(s) are assigned to it.
RIIC Reception Room.png
A facility that deals with reception. Most visits and greetings take place here.
Friends' assistants visiting the player's RIIC are tended to here. Also search for clues when Operator(s) are assigned to it, and influences the player's maximum amount of friends and Support Units.
RIIC Workshop.png
A facility that processes resources at Rhodes Island, it uses all kinds of equipment to turn industrial materials into useful items or decompose them into other materials.
One of the essential RIIC facilities which processes resources such as upgrade materials, building materials, and Skill Summaries, convert Chips and Chip Packs, and recycles unwanted furnitures for Furniture Part.png Furniture Part. May create byproducts when certain Operators are assigned to it.
RIIC HR Office.png
A facility that deals with all of Rhodes Island's official matters.
Generates chances to refresh recruitment tags when an Operators is assigned to it. Also influences the number of recruitment slots and the recruitment fee.
RIIC Training Room.png
A facility where Rhodes Island Operators can train themselves using the wide variety of equipment available.
One of the essential RIIC facilities where Elite 2 Operators can undergo Mastery training to further enhance their skills.


  • As Factories, Trading Posts, and Power Plants can only be built in the nine leftside rooms, management of the said facilities' amount is important to ensure a stable productivity and income.
    • The most common RIIC builds are "2-5-2" (2 Trading Posts, 5 Factories, 2 Power Plants) and "2-4-3" (2 Trading Posts, 4 Factories, 3 Power Plants); the former offers the highest productivity at the cost of incomplete facilities while the latter offers complete facilities and relatively high productivity.
  • Remember to swap Operators with low morale by fully-rested ones if the player is going to be offline for a long time.
  • Focus on completing the leftside rooms first in order to maximize Battle Record production and LMD.png LMD income so the player can develop their Operators faster.
  • When the Control Center is upgraded to Level 3, Drone.png Drone can also be used to accelerate Factory production and Trading Post order acquisition, which should be used if there is no need to build facilities.
  • All left-side facilities and Dormitories can be downgraded and demolished, refunding the building materials spent (but not the Drones), so the player can try different base setups without having to farm the materials again although they may need to wait until there are enough Drones.
    • Keep in mind that all right-side facilities can neither be downgraded nor demolished!


  • Ever since Arknights was released, the RIIC is stated to be in the "Beta" stage. This has resulted in memes among the community claiming that the current RIIC function is incomplete and not what it's meant to be.