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Promotion materials are needed in the promotion of Operators of a specific class.

  • Chips are used to promote all Operators (except 3★ ones) to Elite 1 and can be obtained from the first of the Chip operations.
  • Chip Packs are used to promote 4★ Operators to Elite 2 and produce Dualchips (see below), and can be obtained from completing the second of the Chip operations.
  • Dualchips are used to promote 5★ and 6★ Operators to Elite 2, and can only be produced at Factories, requiring two of the respective class' Chip Pack and one Chip Catalyst.
  • Chip Catalysts can be purchased in the Purchase Certificate Store.
Caster Chip
Defender Chip
Guard Chip
Medic Chip
Sniper Chip
Specialist Chip
Supporter Chip
Vanguard Chip
Chip Packs
Caster Chip Pack
Defender Chip Pack
Guard Chip Pack
Medic Chip Pack
Sniper Chip Pack
Specialist Chip Pack
Supporter Chip Pack
Vanguard Chip Pack
Caster Dualchip
Defender Dualchip
Guard Dualchip
Medic Dualchip
Sniper Dualchip
Specialist Dualchip
Supporter Dualchip
Vanguard Dualchip
Chip Catalyst