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Tokens are used to raise the Potential of Operators.

Class Tokens

Four Class Tokens of the corresponding class can be used to raise Operators' Potential by one level.

Class Tokens can be purchased in the Distinctions Store and Purchase Certificate Store, and are awarded in certain events.

Replicated (1★)
Replicated Caster Token
Replicated Defender Token
Replicated Guard Token
Replicated Medic Token
Replicated Sniper Token
Replicated Specialist Token
Replicated Supporter Token
Replicated Vanguard Token
Original (2★)
Original Caster Token
Original Defender Token
Original Guard Token
Original Medic Token
Original Sniper Token
Original Specialist Token
Original Supporter Token
Original Vanguard Token
Antique (3★)
Antique Caster Token
Antique Defender Token
Antique Guard Token
Antique Medic Token
Antique Sniper Token
Antique Specialist Token
Antique Supporter Token
Antique Vanguard Token
Rare (4★)
Rare Caster Token
Rare Defender Token
Rare Guard Token
Rare Medic Token
Rare Sniper Token
Rare Specialist Token
Rare Supporter Token
Rare Vanguard Token
Epic (5★)
Epic Caster Token
Epic Defender Token
Epic Guard Token
Epic Medic Token
Epic Sniper Token
Epic Specialist Token
Epic Supporter Token
Epic Vanguard Token
Royal (6★)
Royal Caster Token
Royal Defender Token
Royal Guard Token
Royal Medic Token
Royal Sniper Token
Royal Specialist Token
Royal Supporter Token
Royal Vanguard Token

Despite being present in the game, Replicated, Original, and Antique Class Tokens are unobtainable.

Operator Tokens