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Tutorial operations introduce the player to the gameplay of Arknights. Most of them takes place in the Rhodes Island training compound using a simulated battle with Dobermann as the instructor.

All tutorial operations must be cleared to proceed into further operations, cost no Sanity.png Sanity, and does not award EXP.png EXP or LMD.png LMD aside of giving out one Originite Prime.png Originite Prime when cleared for the first time. Early tutorial operations also add certain Operators into the player's roster as the reward.

Main Theme

Operation Part of Topic
TR-1 Prologue Use of Medics
TR-2 Prologue Range and facing
TR-3 Prologue Countering aerial enemies with Marksman Snipers
TR-4 Prologue Blocking and use of Vanguards
TR-5 Prologue Use of Casters
TR-6 Prologue AoE attacks and use of Defenders
TR-7 Prologue Use of skills
TR-8 Prologue Episode 01
TR-9 Episode 01 Use of Stun Generators
TR-10 Episode 01 Aggression
TR-11 Episode 02 Stalling with Decel Binder Supporters
TR-12 Episode 02 Mitigating enemies with AoE attacks
TR-13 Episode 02 Interception
TR-14 Episode 02 Shift
TR-15 Episode 03 Tactical redeployment
TR-16 Episode 06 Cold and Freeze
TR-17 Episode 07 Countering Guerrilla enemies
TR-18 Episode 08 Allied units
TR-19 Episode 09 Tattered Pillars
TR-20 Episode 10 Londinium Secondary Defense Artillery
TR-21 Episode 11 Twigs That Crave
TR-22 Episode 12 Identity
TR-23 Episode 12 Managing reduced DP cap with Roadside Emergency Reserves
TR-24 Episode 13 Countering Bloodborn Spawns/Blood Ambers with Anti-Witchcraft Repositionable Bombs


Operation Part of Topic
TW-TR-1 Twilight of Wolumonde Use of L-44 Gramophones
RI-TR-1 The Great Chief Returns Use of Giant Mushrooms and Rhodes Island Temporary Employees
MN-TR-1 Maria Nearl Sponsor Drones and use of Mieszko Coils
MB-TR-1 Mansfield Break Countering Prisoner enemies with Imprisonment Devices
WR-TR-1 Who is Real Exploiting the Hui/Ming attribute system
OD-TR-1 Operation Originium Dust Mitigating Sandstorms
WD-TR-1 A Walk in the Dust Air Support Drones
SV-TR-1 Under Tides Nervous Impairment
DH-TR-1 Dossoles Holiday High Tide and Corrosion Damage
DH-TR-2 Dossoles Holiday Deep Water Zones and the use of Custom Floating Platforms
NL-TR-1 Near Light Providing visibility through Operator deployment and City Neons
NL-TR-2 Near Light Providing visibility with Knight Crests
BI-TR-1 Break the Ice Snowfall and Icy Surfaces
BI-TR-2 Break the Ice Exploiting Penetrating Cold Snowfalls and Icy Corners
GA-TR-1 Guide Ahead Use of Gelato Stops
SN-TR-1 Stultifera Navis Countering Nethersea Brands
LE-TR-1 Lingering Echoes Realigned Flux
LE-TR-2 Lingering Echoes Use of Resonators
IC-TR-1 Ideal City Utilizing Self-Driving Carts
DV-TR-1 Dorothy's Vision R-Series Power Armors
IS-TR-1 Il Siracusano Blood Ledger
FC-TR-1 What the Firelight Casts Mire and Reeds, and Flamechaser enemies
FC-TR-2 What the Firelight Casts Mitigating burning Reeds
WB-TR-1 Where Vernal Winds Will Never Blow Yumen Catastrophe Defenses and Roadblocks
CF-TR-1 A Flurry to the Flame Weak spots
CW-TR-1 Lone Trail Gravity manipulation
CW-TR-2 Lone Trail Planetary Debris
HE-TR-1 Hortus de Escapismo Monastery Inhabitants and Makeshift Walkways
HE-TR-2 Hortus de Escapismo Crumbling Masonry
SL-TR-1 So Long, Adele Steam
SL-TR-2 So Long, Adele "Fluffy Buddies" and fighting Dolly, "Sovereign of Sheep"
CV-TR-1 Come Catastrophes or Wakes of Vultures Waste Heat Vents and Energy
ZT-TR-1 Zwillingstürme im Herbst Variation and using Tuning Nodes to switch the variation
ZT-TR-2 Zwillingstürme im Herbst Aspect of Annihilation and Aspect of Creation