DH-TR-2: No Escape

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No Escape
Dossoles Holiday: Dossoles Warrior Champion
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DH-TR-2 map.png
Ernesto has achieved his goal, but he still needs to think of a method of escape......
<Deep Water Zone> Unable to deploy on these tiles. Enemies on these tiles have reduced ASPD and Movement Speed, and continually lose HP
<Custom Floating Platform> Can be deployed on Deep Water Zones, thereafter any unit can be deployed on that tile. The platform is destroyed when the deployed unit retreats


Recommended level
Sanity Drill Plan EXP LMD
0 0 0
Unit Limit Initial DP Life Points Enemies
6 3 5 5
Deployable devices Custom Floating Platform.png Custom Floating Platform ×3
Terrain properties Enemies on Deep Water Zones have their ASPD and speed reduced by 60%, and takes 40 True damage every second.
2 Custom Floating Platforms will be automatically deployed before Istina and Podenco are deployed.


First clear
3 Stars
Originite Prime.png


Elite Dockworker ×2, Dockworker Motorboat ×3
  • One of the two Dockworkers will despawn by entering the Incursion Point on C1.
  • Dockworkers ejected from Motorboats are excluded from the enemy counter.


All Operators below cannot be changed and the Support Unit cannot be used.
Squad composition
  • Cardigan (Elite 1 Level 55, Skill-H1.png Regeneration α Level 7)
  • Mousse (Elite 1 Level 55, Skill-Mousse1.png Scratch Level 7)
  • Steward (Elite 1 Level 55, Skill-P1.png Power Strike α Level 7)
Pre-deployed Indigo (Elite 1 Level 55, Skill-Indigo1.png Lighthouse Guardian Level 7)
Automatically deployed
  • Istina (Elite 1 Level 55, Skill-Istina1.png Concentration Level 7)
  • Podenco (Elite 1 Level 55, Skill-Podenco2.png Spread Spores Level 7)
  • Cardigan, Mousse, and Steward are considered to be at Potential 4.
  • Cardigan is considered to have 100% Trust.
  • Mousse and Steward are considered to have 80% Trust.
  • Indigo, Istina, and Podenco are considered to have 0 Trust.