CV-EX-8: Direct Hit

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Direct Hit
Come Catastrophes or Wakes of Vultures: Black Landship
Previous CV-EX-7
CV-EX-8 map.png
And now, everyone must face the consequences of that one shot. Accept them.
<Waste Heat Vent> Deals Arts damage to both enemies and allies and reduces enemies' Movement Speed, but will charge their energy


Condition: "Clip" Cliff uses skills more frequently
Recommended level
Sanity Drill Plan EXP LMD
20 3 200 200
Unit Limit Initial DP Life Points Enemies
9 10 1 37
Static devices Waste Heat Vent.png Waste Heat Vent ×5


First clear
Originite Prime


Normal Paramilitary Gangster Leader ×12
Elite Paramilitary Sniper Leader ×12, Paramilitary Axeman Leader ×5, Paramilitary Defender Leader ×4, Paramilitary Bombardier Leader ×3
Boss "Clip" Cliff
  • All enemies (including Cliff) have their HP, ATK, and DEF increased by 20%.
  • The cooldown of Cliff's Quickdraw/Stroke of Thunder is reduced by 60%.