Custom Floating Platform

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Can be deployed on Deep Water Zones, thereafter any unit can be deployed on that tile. The platform is destroyed when the deployed unit retreats.
—Description of operations featuring the Custom Floating Platform

The Custom Floating Platform is a deployable device in Arknights.

Custom Floating Platforms are deployed on Deep Water Zones, which allows friendly units to be deployed on where the Platform is deployed, regardless of whether they are melee or ranged units, but also allowing enemies to safely move over it, which can be noticed by destroying a Caster Speedboat or Dockworker Motorboat while they are being blocked by friendly units on one. Note that if the friendly deployed on the Custom Floating Platform leaves the map, the Platform will be destroyed.


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100 0 0 0
DP cost Redeployment time Block count Attack interval
3 5 seconds 0 N/A


Deployment Platform
Effect Initial SP SP cost Duration
Constructs a platform on the water upon which any unit can be deployed


  • The Custom Floating Platform behaves similarily with Lily Pads in Plants vs Zombies which allow non-aquatic plants to be deployed on.